Pantheon next in line for big VGU rework | LoL Champion Roadmap
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According to the most recent League of Legends Champion Roadmap article, Pantheon has been announced as the next champion to get a big visual and gameplay update (VGU) after the upcoming Mordekaiser rework. While not many details were given for the rework, we have an idea of what to look for.

Changes to Pantheon

The first element of Pantheon’s VGU is a rebuild of his graphic model. Riot’s lead producer of champions, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, stated that Pantheon’s visuals will be rebuilt from the ground up. Changes to his visuals will hopefully make him feel more unique among the champion lineup. There will also be additions to Pantheon’s lore, and hopefully, the visual update will complement his history. For a man who fought back against the gods, his current kit doesn’t particularly feel that powerful or impressive.

Pantheon is the next League of Legends champion to get a VGU rework after Mordekaiser
Photo via Skimux (DeviantArt)

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Pantheon’s gameplay won’t see a complete rework but will rather be focused on modernizing his kit. Reav3 mentioned that there is value in Pantheon’s reliable combo pattern, and we can expect some form of this to remain. But Reav3 also described changes that would give the character more options in his rotation during fights. Currently, he has one essential combo that he relies on for trading or fighting. Often, his rotation includes spamming his spear until his stun-spear-Heartseeker Strike combination can be used. Having more options during fights and trades will make Pantheon more dynamic in whatever lane he is played.

Finally, changes are coming to Pantheon’s shield. The only current use of Pantheon’s shield is in his passive ability, which blocks auto attacks and tower shots. While this does add to his power, it makes his shield a stale part of his arsenal.

Other changes coming to the rift

Along with the overhaul of Mordekaiser, the Champion Roadmap also revealed a new upcoming marksman. The only information on this new champion is an animated image (below), along with the claim that they are “very non-traditional.”