Palworld: How to get leather
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Some resources in Palworld are always going to be needed. Whether it’s because you need them for the same crafting recipe over and over again or different ones as you level up, certain resources are going to need to be available at all times. Leather is one such resource in Palworld, as it’s required for several important crafting recipes.

Namely, Leather is often a requirement for specific Base Upgrade stations as well as armor and weapons. Essentially, you need to ensure you always have a stockpile of Leather at your base in Palworld or you need to know how to easily get it if you ever need the resource. The guide below shows you exactly where you can get Leather in high quantities.

Best ways to get Leather in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

Like many other resources in Palworld, the primary way to acquire Leather is to either catch or kill specific Pals. Some Pals have a guaranteed chance to drop Leather when you catch or kill them, and some of those Pals can be found right near the starting area of the game. If you go to your Paldeck and view any of the Pals you’ve caught, you can see what resources they have a chance to drop.

Naturally, scrolling through the entire Paldeck can be a bit tiresome, so you can check below for all of the Pals you can get Leather from:

  • Chillet
  • Direhowl
  • Eikthyrdeer
  • Eikthyrdeer Terra
  • Fenglope
  • Foxparks
  • Fuack
  • Fuddler
  • Galeclaw
  • Gorirat
  • Grizzbolt
  • Incineram
  • Incineram Noctis
  • Katrass
  • Mammorest
  • Mammorest Cryst
  • Melpaca
  • Mossanda
  • Mossanda Lux
  • Nox
  • Nitewing
  • Pyrin
  • Pyrin Noct
  • Reindrix
  • Ribbunny
  • Rooby
  • Rushoar
  • Tombat
  • Univolt
  • Verdash
  • Vixi

I recommend going for Foxparks, Eikthyrdeer, Nitewing, and Melpaca if you’re still in the early portion of Palworld. All of these Pals are found right before the Rayne Syndicate Tower, making them perfect targets if you still haven’t beaten the first boss yet.

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