Paladins technical director promises bug fixes, major improvements
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Hi-Rez Studios technical director Dayle Flowers took to Reddit on Feb. 19 to address the future of Paladins. He promised that, after the next big update, development will take a sharp turn towards stabilizing the game. Going forward, the studio will work with player feedback to address the game’s many bugs.

The announcement signals a shift in internal priorities for Hi-Rez. Until now their main focus has been on pushing out new content. The studio teased the game’s newest champion — frontline bruiser Atlas — a day after Flowers made his post.

While more content is arguably welcome in any game, it is not what the Paladins community has been asking for. Since release, players have complained about the game’s many glitches and game-breaking bugs. Some of the bugs found in Paladins date back to the game’s open beta. According to Flowers, the studio is now ready to deal with them.

“Upper management is now fully on board with the idea,” he wrote in his post. “We’ve removed all features from the schedule after [the March] major release. This finally gives our technical staff time to fix the plethora of bugs.”

The post also acknowledges that the studio’s previous patches may have been less than perfect. Flowers says the planned schedule changes will ensure they don’t release “another patch as bad as the End Times patch.”

Flowers indicated that by the end of May Paladins will have received three rounds of major bug fixes. The studio is currently working on fixing frontliner Terminus, who some players consider unplayable due to bugs. Champions Bomb King, Moji, and Pip will also receive fixes.

Flowers reiterated that all planned UI and menu features have been removed from the game’s release schedule. However, the studio is still working on new content.

“There will still [be] new champions, skins and battle passes… We can’t just halt everything, but part of this push is to polish up content. [We are] slowing down on champions and skins to allow for that.”

The first round of bug fixes will arrive alongside the Future’s End update that comes out toward the end of March. It should address many champion, map, and gameplay issues across all platforms.