Paladins introduces new frontline champion Raum - Upcomer
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After a week of teasing on social mediaPaladins has revealed its newest champion: Raum. The hulking demon is a frontline champion with an aggressive skill set and a nasty personality. Paladins developer Evil Mojo Games describe him as a “beefcastle” and a “demon Chad.”

Raum boasts a few quirks that make him a rather unusual tank. Instead of deploying a shield wall like most other frontliners in Paladins, he uses a unique ability called Soul Harvest. Enemy champions hit by his weapon’s attack generate Soul Fragment. He can then draw in nearby Fragments, converting them into bonus maximum health for himself. As Raum, in order to stay in the fight, you literally have to stay in the fight. Note that this ability is neither a shield nor healing, and therefore Cauterize and Wrecker do not affect it.

Not only does Raum not use a shield, but he hates it when other champions do. His ultimate ability, Cataclysm, sends out a shockwave that deals damage, stuns, and instantly destroys shields. The last aspect of the ability was shown in the Paladins update show, but it isn’t mentioned in the patch notes. It’s possible Evil Mojo are still tinkering with the ability and may scrap the shield-destroyer effect.

Despite his stance on shields, Paladins‘ Raum can still directly protect his team. His Subservience talent automatically heals nearby teammates whenever he collects a Soul Fragment. By Evil Mojo’s own description, Raum players can turn the demon into a moving “healing station”. He can also disrupt enemy teams with his Juggernaut ability, which lets him charge through champions and send them skyward.

Raum is currently available on the Paladins PTS. He will officially release in the upcoming Damned Frontier update in early November. The update will also launch the new Wild West Battle Pass.

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