OWL's Guangzhou Charge moves to South Korea amid coronavirus fears
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Chinese Overwatch League team Guangzhou Charge has announced their temporary move from China to South Korea. This decision is due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. In an official statement posted on their Twitter account, the team has shared their plans moving forward.

fixedWidth=”true”]The statement begins with the team sharing their thoughts on the outbreak. Despite the impact that the virus has had thus far, they still plan to continue with their practice.

“Our top priority is the health and safety of our players above else … We have decided to move our pre-season training base to South Korea.”

Earlier today, they mentioned they have already moved their non-Chinese players to South Korea. Their Chinese players are expediting the visa process to join them as soon as possible.

Players respond back

Immediately after the official post, Guangzhou Charge Support player Alberto “neptuNo” González tweeted a response. He ensured his fans that he is doing okay and he is eager to get back to China. Yesterday, the team’s flex DPS player Charlie “nero” Zwarg posted that he may not be playing in front of the team’s home crowd. Overall, fans of the team are disappointed, but most show relief that the players are going to be safe.

GZ Charge setting the pace for other teams

Since the reality of the situation is uncertain, most Pacific East Division teams have been discussing solutions. As they face an unpredictable future, the safety of their players come first. The team is supposed to host the second Pacific East Homestand from February 22 to 23. Other Chinese teams also involved in the Pacific are Hangzhou Spark, Shanghai Dragons, and Chengdu Hunters.

Recent events 

This is not the only time the coronavirus has affected esports. Just recently, the League of Legends LPL and LDL were announced as indefinitely suspended. This is all due to the outbreak and fear of safety to all of the teams involved. Additionally, there has yet to be an official announcement from the Overwatch League about these recent events. We will keep everyone updated on Daily Esports as news related to the virus continues to update.