OWL Week 14 Hero Bans remove Ashe and others
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Ashe had a breakout week in Week 13 of the Overwatch League (OWL). But as soon as players started to finally utilize her, she gets to take a seat. Week 14’s Hero Bans include her, Reaper, Reinhardt, and Brigitte. Here’s how these bans might affect the games.


Ashe finally saw some play in the OWL over the weekend. Fans of the hero may not want to get their hopes too high, however, as Widowmaker and McCree were both out of the Hero Pool. Since Ashe is one of the Hero Bans in Week 14, expect hitscan players to return to playing one of these two. It will be interesting to see if Ashe still gets play in the future if these Heroes are also available.


Reaper saw some play alongside Tracer, Ashe, and Echo this weekend. This ban isn’t necessarily going to be huge, but it will take away a valuable counter to dive tanks. Winston and D.Va will likely see a lot of play in Week 14 due to Reinhardt’s ban as well.


This is always a big ban in the OWL due to how important he has been so far this season. Without Reinhardt around, main tank players have had to adapt to playing Winston, Orisa, and sometimes Wrecking Ball depending on the situation and map. Reinhardt also influences who Damage players, healers, and off-tanks choose. Expect an exciting week of tank play in Week 14.


Brigitte has been quite popular in recent weeks when she’s been in the Hero Pool. That said, without her around, players will likely return to playing Lucio and, in some cases, Zenyatta. Without Reinhardt and Brigitte in the Hero Pool, we will probably have a lot of diversity in the tank and healer roles.

Week 14 should be fun. Make sure to check out the matches and see who gets played. Remember that these Hero Bans will only be for the OWL, and will not be in competitive Overwatch games.