Overwatch’s Halloween Terror kicks off with weekly challenges
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Blizzard Entertainment has released its annual Halloween Terror event for Overwatch. A short video was revealed earlier this week, showcasing support hero Zenyatta with a Halloween color scheme of orange accents. Several other heroes have since gotten a Halloween makeover, with weekly challenges and a returning game mode for players to take part in.

Overwatch Halloween Terror

The 2019 Overwatch Halloween Terror event will be available between Oct. 15 and Nov. 4. Seasonal items have been released along with co-op brawl game mode Junkenstein’s Revenge. Players can participate in weekly challenges to earn various cosmetic in-game rewards by winning games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or the Arcade. The rewards differ between each of the three weeks, so players have to keep up. 

Overwatch Halloween Terror

Each week boasts a unique reward style with a different color scheme and theme. Week 1 will have players earn an Inferno Player Icon, Inferno Spray, and Inferno Junkrat Skin for winning 3, 6, and 9 games respectively. The second week features a Vampire Player Icon, Spray, and Vampire Baptiste Skin. The final week has a Demon Hunter Player Icon, Spray, and Demon Hunter Sombra Skin. 

In Junkenstein’s Revenge, four players team up to defend Adlersbrunn from Junkenstein and his team of monsters in different levels of difficulty. There is also a Halloween Terror Loot Box to end things off. Players can earn new skins, emotes, highlights, portraits, sprays, voice lines, and more with a spooky theme. There are additionally items from previous years’ Halloween Terror events, so new Overwatch players can collect them all.

This year’s Halloween event is different than normal because it is usually announced a week before. Some in the community attributed this as a way to line the event up with Overwatch’s release on the Nintendo Switch. Incidentally, Blizzard has since canceled its Nintendo NY Overwatch launch event without offering official comment.

What Halloween Overwatch skins are you the most excited for? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Overwatch coverage.

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