Overwatch World Cup Day 2 recap: group stages stun the viewers
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With the preliminaries done, we have our teams set for the Overwatch World Cup. All the spots have been filled, and every team is aiming for the trophy. The entire pool is split into two groups, groups A and B. As we discussed about the preliminaries, there was going to be a couple good teams not making it this year. However, I don’t think anyone anticipated how the standings would be after these group stages.

Overwatch World Cup group A

United Kingdom

It was an unfortunate showing for the United Kingdom in these group stages. While they looked good against the opposition they faced in the preliminaries, they went win-less in four games and only won one map. The whole team seemed off, not using the momentum of winning the last spot to go any further. However, they did show some sparks of life against the powerhouses they faced.


Looking better than they did last year, Sweden still got handily eliminated, winning only against the UK. It was a big improvement from their 2018 World Cup finish, and that was all they could ask for.

South Korea

South Korea did not look like champions in the group stages, with the surprise of their losing to France. Even though they won their other two matches against the UK and Sweden convincingly, they lost to the United States for the first time in the Overwatch World Cup. They barely scraped it into the knockouts with 2 wins and 2 losses, making it so that they will have to play an extra match to make it to the finals this year.


This team, so far, is an underrated squad that has shown flashes of being possible champions. They lost to the United States early on but then rebounded to beat South Korea and stomped on the other teams to finish 3-1. That specific match was probably the upset of the group stage, showing how mortal South Korea is this year. Ultimately, France is looking good.

United States

This is the team to beat for the 2019 Overwatch World Cup. They have plowed through all of their opponents, not even losing a single map against really good teams. They even got over their demons by beating South Korea for the first time in the World Cup. However, they will most likely have to do it again in the knockouts to truly claim the main prize.

Overwatch World Cup group B


By far the worst performance at the World Cup this year. From third place to last in the group stages, second seed Canada choked at the worst possible time. While some of it had to do with one of their players not being able to play for their first game, the issues clearly were more than just that. Out of the seven players that played for Canada this year, only two stood out as playing well. They disappointed all fans that watched and deserved to go 0-4 with their uninspired play.


Russia were an underdog coming into the groups and showed skill in beating a lackluster Canada in their first game. However, that was the best they did, losing the rest of their matches. They did almost squeak in by winning their last game, but the Netherlands proved too strong.

The Netherlands

The true surprise of the entire World Cup this year has been this Netherlands squad. They have consistently impressed against all opposition, and they won the two games they needed to progress into the knockouts. They squeaked past Canada and Russia to get that last spot in group B, but their underdog tale has deserved it more than the other teams who didn’t make it in.


While not many thought of Denmark as a powerhouse for the World Cup, it seems their team cohesion has led them to the second spot for group B in the knockouts. All players on their roster have arrived and played up to competition as needed. Their only loss was to the other team in group B, the only powerhouse left to stop South Korea and the United States.


After their great 2018 stunt in the Overwatch World Cup, China seems to be intent on being in the finals once again. Their 4-0 record proved this, dismantling and dominating every team in group B that came their way. They have high standards and are clearly trying to make up for their poor performance in last years finals.

The World Cup knockouts

The way the brackets will be for knockouts will start with Denmark versus South Korea, with the winner going to play against the United States for a spot in the finals. And on the other side, France will face off against the Netherlands, and the winner of that will face China in the second spot in the finals. And with how the games have gone so far, it could be anyone’s trophy to take.

And that was all for the group stages of the 2019 Overwatch World Cup. Make sure to tune into the Overwatch live stream and Daily Esports for more coverage on it all.

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