Overwatch: Where is Winter Wonderland this year?
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Overwatch isn’t exactly an unpredictable game, and it has the same set of seasonal events that release around the exact same dates every year. It’s the second Tuesday in December, however, and there is no sign of the Winter Wonderland event that, for the past three years, has come to the game on this date.

With the new balance patch live today, there is no sign of the winter-themed event. Here are some of the different possibilities.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland could start next week

The most obvious possibility here is that the event will start a week later than it has in the past. If this is the case, it will likely also go for an extra week into January, which makes sense, seeing as Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21.

If Overwatch does plan to go this route, expect to start seeing skin teasers throughout the week and weekend leading up to the event.

There could be no event or a different one

The Overwatch team hasn’t changed up their event schedule at all in the past, so it seems odd that they would now. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that they chose to scrap the winter event or replace it with something they haven’t revealed yet.

This doesn’t seem quite as likely, but there is always a chance that the Overwatch team decided to change things up this year, especially with Overwatch 2 on the horizon. If we don’t see the Winter Wonderland event next week, it seems like this could be the scenario.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the new Winter Wonderland Overwatch skins over the next week. If you don’t start to see them, it might mean that the event is off or there will be something else happening this year. Either way, stay tuned for more news on the event.