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There is nothing like combining an extremely popular game with a popular pastime -cosplay. Overwatch and Blizzard in Europe are doing just that by hosting their very first Cosplay Battle. If you’ve been to a convention lately (such as EGLX that was held recently in Toronto) you may have noticed a good chunk of Overwatch cosplayers as well as a lot of Overwatch costumes for sale during Halloween.

As stated front and center on the new webpage dedicated to the Overwatch Cosplay contest, “More than a competition, the Overwatch Cosplay Battle is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and national pride.”

 Contest Details

  • This is the first ever Cosplay Battle Blizzard has ever hosted
  • Six teams of three cosplayers each will compete from the following European countries, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Russia
  • They will all create one costume each over just a three month period
  • The Overwatch community will help choose which cosplay project the teams will make by voting online
  • Fans can also stay up to date  with the progress of each project online
  • They will be judged by an official jury made up of two Blizzard artists (Renaud Galand and Rachel Day) and two professional cosplayers Sosenka and Kamui.

It seems Blizzard wants to capitalize on the two coming together. It is literally giving these teams the chance to not only create some pretty cool cosplays but also win a pretty sick prize – a 3D printer and supplies worth about 2,500 Euros.

How they will be judged

The jury will judge them based on how well they perform in the following categories, accuracy, craftsmanship and of course originality. The online community will also vote on their favorites and one team will win The Community Favorite.

You can actually head on over to the site and vote on which projects will go forward from now until November 26. This definitely sounds like something gamers and cosplayers will want to keep an eye on. We wish all the competitors best of luck. If it does well, hopefully it means we could see a similar contest here in North America.