Overwatch streamer Emongg hints at big Overwatch news coming soon
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On a recent stream, Overwatch streamer Emongg hinted that Blizzard might be dropping some big news within the next couple of weeks. He doesn’t give much information on what it might be about, but the community has already begun speculation.

In the video, he states that he believes “things will improve” and that Blizzard is getting “an idea about what they should do.” Emongg then proceeds to say that he doesn’t know how he knows this, all while throwing winks in at the camera. At the end of the video, he says that the news might drop within the next few weeks.

What this news could be

This could pertain to any number of things, but many fans believe that it might introduce hero bans to Overwatch. The community has warmed up to the idea of banning heroes due to how stale the meta has gotten over time. After over a year of the GOATs meta, the new double shield meta doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Banning heroes could change up the game, as it would force players into choosing heroes other than the top meta picks. This is something that could potentially make the Overwatch League more enjoyable to watch as well. This could come as a welcome change to both the competitive and the casual scene.

There is also the possibility of a new hero reveal. It’s been a while since Sigma was released in July of 2019. Blizzard has released new heroes in the past that directly counter the meta in an effort to shake things up, such as bringing out Brigitte to counter the dive meta. Doing so again here wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Others believe that the news will pertain to the upcoming Overwatch 2. After the initial reveal of the game at BlizzCon, we haven’t seen much new information on it. We have no set release date for the game, too; that could be something to keep an eye out for.

Whatever the news is, be sure to stay tuned for more information on it and other Overwatch stories.