Overwatch reveals Tracer's Comic Challenge along with new comic
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A new event is coming to Overwatch commemorate their newest comic, Tracer – London Calling. The new event, Tracer’s Comic Challenge, will feature cosmetic content for Tracer. You can read the comic now and play the new event tomorrow.

Tracer’s Comic Challenge

Tracer’s Comic Challenge will work similarly to Ana’s Bastet Challenge and Sigma’s Maestro Challenge. You will be able to unlock a new and exclusive skin by winning nine matchmade games. There will also be other cosmetic items to unlock during the event. Generally, Blizzard uses these events to promote Overwatch streamers by giving exclusive items for viewers.

Tracer’s Comic Challenge begins tomorrow and will go through September 28. This should be more than enough time for you to collect every item available during the event.

London Calling

A new Overwatch comic came out today called Tracer – London Calling. In the Overwatch world, there is a struggle between humans and sentient robots known as Omnics. The comic takes place in the Overwatch universe after the Omnic Crisis (a war between humans and Omnics) and after Overwatch disbands. It follows Tracer’s life in London and shows how the remaining Omnics are striving for equal rights.

Unfortunately, many humans don’t trust Omnics after the crisis, and many Omnics don’t trust humans. Tracer must earn the trust of the Omnics if she hopes to help everyone find equality. At the end of the comic, there is a paragraph about the next issue. This is a positive sign for Overwatch fans hoping for more lore. It also could be leading up to the release of Overwatch 2.

Be sure to check out the comic and Tracer’s Comic Challenge over the course of the next two weeks before it ends. There are some exciting goodies to collect and adventures to read about. Stay tuned for more information and future comics.