Overwatch reveals Sombra skin for Shanghai Dragons 2021 championship
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The Overwatch team revealed the 2021 Overwatch League championship skin, this time for Sombra, based on the Shanghai Dragons’ victory. Named “Zhulong,” the skin gives a nod to the 2021 finals MVP, Lee “LIP” Jae-won for his skill with the champion.

The key hero in a championship gets a skin

Ever since the league MVP skin went off the wayside, the league has continued to release team-focused championship skins. However, these team championship skins are always based on a key hero for a team’s title-winning composition. For example, for the San Francisco Shock’s first title, they got the “Thunder” Doomfist skin, based on Jay “sinatraa” Won’s clutch plays on the hero.

Then, in the final year with the MVP skin, the 2020 MVP Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim received the “Good versus Evil” Echo skin. But when the San Francisco Shock won the 2020 championship, they got the “Midas” Roadhog skin (indirectly reflecting the clutch plays of Choi “ChoiHyoBin” Hyo-bin) instead of one for the finals MVP, Kwon “Striker” Nam-joo.

So, even with the 2021 season not having an MVP skin, the Shanghai Dragons won it all and got their own. As the team made their path to the finals, it was clear how crucial LIP’s Sombra was to the team. After beating the Atlanta Reign and getting Finals MVP, it was a no-brainer which hero the Dragons would choose for their championship skin.

Zhulong Sombra skin

The skin itself is heavily inspired by the Dragon’s brand and color scheme, with a dragon resting on Sombra’s shoulder, wrapping around her, and the tail hanging behind. Of course, that Dragons’ logo is tattooed on her back, much like the Shock’s logo was on the “Midas” skin. Along with a mask over her eyes and a redesigned gun that resembles a dragon’s mouth, the skin has a lot of intricate details you wouldn’t notice at first look.

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