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The second season of the Overwatch League is almost here, with eight brand new teams. This led many fans to beg their teams, new or old, for next season’s merchandise. After a long wait, the jerseys are finally out.

As mentioned earlier in the year, the Overwatch League worked a deal out with sports retailer Fanatics to sell their merchandise across the world. This is the first time Fanatics has worked with an esports company for retailing. Now though, instead of selling hockey or baseball merchandise, they’re helping to sell the Overwatch League season two jerseys. As of today, the shop for the Overwatch League has reopened with these new jerseys and snapback hats.

This includes the new expansion teams’ jerseys, which I know not all Overwatch League fans have seen yet. Even for long-time fans of the original teams, there have been changes to the jerseys since season one. Just for a quick rundown, here are the new jerseys for the eight expansion teams.

Toronto Defiant

The Defiant’s jerseys share the same trend most new expansion team jerseys have: logo on the home, with their name on the away. This doesn’t apply to all the new jerseys though, as we’ll see later. The Defiant’s colors are on show on these jerseys, with the dominant red, grey, black, and white all being used on both home and away jerseys.

Most of the problems people have with Toronto’s brand, in general, is the color scheme and how similar it is to fellow expansion team Atlanta Reign, but the difference in jerseys will be enough on stage.

Vancouver Titans

The Titans are rocking the green, blue, and white, exactly like their owner’s hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. The combination of blue and green is unique in this league, with no other team having those two colors in their logos. Like I mentioned earlier, their home jersey is with their logo, while their away jersey is just their title.

The blue home jersey and white away jersey is similar to other looks in the Overwatch League, but the green makes it stand out enough to be both unique and interesting. Unfortunately, these former RunAway players won’t be rocking the pink jerseys this year. Speaking of which…

Hangzhou Spark

The Spark have the best jerseys in the league this season (in our opinion). The pink home jersey stands out and is a breath of fresh air in a league previously dominated by blue and black jerseys. This jersey is one of the few with their logo being on both their home and away jerseys, as their name is part of it.

I know most people wanted this jersey’s colors to be Vancouver’s when their roster was rumored to be RunAway, but both the team and the jerseys are clearly cultivating a fan-base.

Atlanta Reign

The Reign might have similar colors to the Defiant, but their jerseys are unique. Their logo is on the away jersey only, and their red is actually distinct enough from a distance from other teams as more of a maroon than a red. But, the black colored home jersey and white away jersey isn’t exactly unique in the expansion teams, let alone the Overwatch League.

In terms of the controversy with Toronto, the logo being on away rather than home and the red being different should be enough for stage presence, but that won’t stop people online from commenting about it. Either way, the jerseys look clean.

Washington Justice

The Justice are running with the American colours to the end, their jerseys reflecting that. The dominant red with the dark blue added onto the white makes both their home and away jerseys look very American. Much like the first two jerseys on our list, these follow the idea of the main logo on the home jerseys while the away is just their title.

Lots of new teams are rocking the red as a primary color, but the entire scheme with the red, white, and blue is a good reason why.

Paris Eternal

The Eternal is the most unique new jersey along with the Spark. The blue-grey main color mixes well with the red and yellow, still staying faithful to those French colors. It still holds the new trend of logo on the home jersey, and team title on the away jersey, but the color scheme is different to other teams in the league (especially the new expansion teams).

The away jerseys might not be anything special, but much like their roster, they are interesting.

Chengdu Hunters

The Hunters are rocking the orange dominant colors, with the goldish-brown being their unique color. This gives their jerseys a bee-like look to them, but their panda-focused logo suggests otherwise. Ironically, neither one has their panda logo on it, focusing more on their stylized title.

Much like the Spark, keeping the same logo (even if it’s just words) on both jerseys makes it much more appealing to people who will have both.

Guangzhou Charge

The Charge are very ironically unique, using the most popular color in the first season (blue) as both their primary colors but in an interesting way. Clearly going for a lightning feel, the dark and light blue is different enough to fit a new jersey. This team makes it five out of the eight having the home jersey with their logo and the away with their title.

These jerseys, much like the Charge’s logo, are sleek and stylish without being boring and already seen before.


And that sums up the new teams’ jerseys. If you’re an avid Overwatch League fan who supports one of the original twelve teams, check to see if your jersey has changed. Or, if you don’t have one yet, note that until the end of February 1, you can get free shipping for all products in Canada and the United States. I’ve already ordered one of my own, and I can’t wait for the second season to start.

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