Overwatch League Recap: Seoul Dynasty overcome the L.A. Valiant
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The second day of the Overwatch League Dallas Homestand has come to an end. Seoul Dynasty continued their confident playoff run, finishing the day with a victory against L.A. Valiant. But although they did lose in the end, Valiant played brilliantly, showing their continuing improvement.


For the first map of the day, Busan played host to a GOATS mirror match. Round 1 saw a quick pick onto Fate taking the point for the Seoul Dynasty. Valiant failed to take the point even once, as Dynasty’s Mine-seo “Marve1” Hwang took control and outplayed Pan-seung “Fate” Koo at every move. In the second round, Valiant put up more of a fight, getting important elims when they needed them. But it just wasn’t enough. Fate kept getting picked at the start of all but two of the fights for the full duration of that map.


Switching maps to Hanamura saw L.A. Valiant go on Attack first in another GOATS vs. GOATS match. Valiant had a good few hiccups, but they capped both points with time to spare. Indy “SPACE” Halpern looked brilliant, eating gravs left, right, and center.

After that, it was Seoul’s turn on Attack. Fate tightened things up, playing with his team and playing smart. Dynasty’s Jehong “Ryujehong” Ryu got transcendences in quick succession, and his team just about capped the second point before overtime. But Marve1 got isolated early on the second attack, and after that, Dynasty simply fell apart. Valiant only needed one tick, and they had 2.5 minutes to do it. They played it slow, waited for their moment, and then caught three enemies out of position. That was all L.A. needed to take the map.

King’s Row

Seoul began this map on Defense, which turned into yet another GOATS mirror. Kim “Izayaki” Min-chul played aggressively but also much cleaner than on the previous maps. Yang “Tobi” Jin-mo’s play was solid, and the Dynasty put up a good fight at the last point but ultimately succumbed.

Next was Valiant on Defense. Marve1 played his heart out, but Brady “Agilities” Girardi was superb on both Baptiste and Brig. Even so, Seoul took it into overtime. Dynasty only had a minute to cap the point. Marve1 found three big shatters, RyuJehong kept finding picks, Tobi played like a god, and they finally pushed the payload to the end. With that, Seoul was revitalized. They kept the momentum going, and Valiant couldn’t even take a tick.


Park “KariV” Young-seo came in on for the Valiant in this map, and he immediately made his presence known on the Attack with a quick pick onto Marve1. Some of his ults ended up being questionable, but his DPS certainly wasn’t. Kyle “KSF” Frandanisa stepped up on the Zarya and helped Valiant to complete the map.

Seoul went on Attack next, and they dismantled Valiant. Onslaughts on the first two points came quickly and efficiently, culminating in a huge, four-man D.Va bomb by Michelle. But that momentum didn’t last. KariV started pulling elims out of nowhere, and this enabled Valiant to take things to a map 5.


Valiant came out strong in the first round of Oasis with a display as dominant as Seoul’s on Busan. They were calm and collected, isolating Seoul one by one to secure each fight. Dynasty would come back swinging in round 2, however. Izayaki offered some resistance, but Seoul tidied up and brought it to round 3. Valiant switched over to the Quad DPS, but Seoul beat them back into Rein GOATS with a Sombra-Moira DOATS. Dong-eon “FITS” Kim switched off Sombra to Zarya, and Dynasty won the round 100-0, the map 2-1, and the match 3-2.

All in all, it was an exciting day for these two teams. Seoul Dynasty paved themselves an easier road to the playoffs with their victory. Yet despite their loss, L.A. Valiant gave them a good run for their money, and they walked away from the match with respect.