Overwatch League Recap: LA Gladiators defeat the Chengdu Hunters
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The last Overwatch League match of Saturday on week three was a very entertaining one. The Los Angeles Gladiators beat the Chengdu Hunters 3-1.

David versus Goliath, but much more fun

Like the earlier upset that happened this week, this matchup was another David versus Goliath match. Although, unlike in the Atlanta Reign and New York Excelsior match, there was an aura of fun around these teams. Both were known to run very weird compositions, with the Gladiators as the better three-tank three-support team. But on the Hunters side, they played more DPS-heavy compositions and are known for winning games out of pure surprise. The Hunters have done this the entire season, massing a very respectable record. On the Gladiators side, if they won, they clinched a stage playoff berth, being the first team to do so. And… they did, so they clinched that spot while the Hunters lost, but not without a fight. On the Hunters, the bright spots are Yi “JinMu” Hu with his insane Doomfist play and Ding “Ameng” Menghan.

Overwatch League Recap: LA Gladiators defeat the Chengdu Hunters

No upset, but entertaining

This game ended as a pretty clear-cut victory for the Gladiators, obviously knowing how to counter the Hunters’ style. Out of all the Gladiators players, the ones that stood out in this match were Chang-hoon “rOar” Gye on main tank and Benjamin “BigGoose” Isohanni on Lucio. Both Roar and BigGoose were key to their victory, dominating on the three-tank three-support composition that led to those three map victories. They still have things to improve on as a team against the weird compositions that the Hunters threw at them. But on that solid three-three composition, they have the chance to hold up against the top-tier teams.

The Los Angeles Gladiators face off against the Boston Uprising after the Dallas home games. The Chengdu Hunters face the Hangzhou Spark next in Dallas, wanting to keep their playoff chances alive.

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