Overwatch League matches relocated from China to Seoul, South Korea
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Video game publisher Blizzard has announced updates regarding the upcoming Overwatch League games. The event, originally scheduled for February and March, had been recently canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. This new update now informs viewers the games will continue in Seoul, South Korea.

In an official statement on the Overwatch League website, Blizzard revealed the new location and rough dates. The original matches were meant to take place in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou. Because of the recent health scare they, unfortunately, had to cancel the matches, leaving many fans in the dark. As they tried to figure out what actions to take next, many Overwatch League teams had scrambled to keep their players safe and healthy.


Blizzard has scheduled the Seoul matches over multiple days during weeks 6 and 7. They also mentioned, “A few of the makeup matches might be added to the Seoul Dynasty homestand in Week 5.” The statement also emphasized the makeup matches will not affect the other homestands taking place in Washington, Florida, and Atlanta.

COO of Seoul Dynasty Arnold Hur is welcoming the Overwatch League to his home country. He received plenty of likes as he tweeted his support for the new move. “Hit us up in case of any major issues and our team is ready to see if we can help.”

Fan feedback

When the announcement of the cancellation took place, many teams were unsure of what they would do next. This new decision of moving to Seoul is great news for the Eastern teams, and their fans can’t wait to see them compete.

Many comments on Reddit seem to favor their move to South Korea. Some Redditors also mentioned the time zone change may be more favorable for other viewers in the EU. Either way, it satisfies everyone that the games will continue and that all players are safe.