Overwatch League 2021 casters revealed - VikkiKitty and AVRL join up
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The Overwatch League has added new casters for the 2021 season, including Victoria “VikkiKitty” Perez and Kevin “AVRL” Walker. Both casters have experience in Contenders and will bring some new voices to the league. VikkiKitty will cast alongside Jack “Jaws” Wright in the Western region, as his previous casting partner moved into production. AVRL will cast alongside Seth “Achilios” King in the Eastern region.

VikkiKitty and AVRL’s path to the Overwatch League

VikkiKitty has cast for Overwatch events since as early as 2017, primarily known for her work at Contenders in both Europe and North America. Most recently, she worked for both European and North American Gauntlets at the end of 2020. Her promotion marks the first female caster for the Overwatch League. With her experience in casting Overwatch, matching her up with Jaws should lead to plenty of well-commentated games for 2021. This new duo will cast for the Western region, as Jaws’ former casting partner Hex left in his move to production.

AVRL has cast for plenty of esports events, while also being known for his competitive playing career in Team Fortress 2. From Hearthstone and Dota 2 to Call of Duty, his knowledge and casting ability spreads across multiple games. However, with Overwatch, he’s been casting since the beginning of the competitive scene.

Known for his New Zealand accent, his time in Contenders Korea and China helped establish his skills in casting. After a little drama during the off-season, he mentioned his return to casting Contenders in 2021. But, it seems the hole that Wolf “Wolf” Schröder left after not being offered an Overwatch return gave AVRL a chance to climb. This means AVRL will cast alongside Achilios in the Eastern region.

With the Overwatch League’s 2021 start coming closer and closer, it’s nice to see new talent join the team. These two casters have worked their tails off to make it to the top and have gained the opportunity through hard work and determination. Even though fans who don’t follow Contenders might be a little annoyed by the changes, VikkiKitty and AVRL as casters will help define this complex game and bring more amazing moments to the Overwatch League in 2021.

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