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As of June 21, 2018, the first ever season of the Overwatch League posted their all-star teams. Much like other sports, these teams were voted for by the fans. With over 55 thousand people voting, the results are as follows:

Pacific Divison

This Overwatch League division contained the following teams: Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Valiant, Los Angeles Gladiators, San Francisco Shock, Seoul Dynasty and the Shanghai Dragons. Out of these teams, the Dynasty managed to get the most players on the team (with two, Ryujehong and Fleta). The rest of the players represented their team respectively, except for the lack of players from the Shock.

One of the contenders for league MVP, Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek

Some of the standout players on this division’s team are Fissure, Seagull, and Custa. Fissure alone is an MVP candidate, so playing with other teams’ MVPs might make their team perform better than people expect. Not only that, but Custa and Seagull have shown how valuable they are to their own teams. The only question marks for me are the other three players: Geguri, Fleta, and Ryujehong. While these players are still great, they all faced similar fates throughout the season. All three were rated for their carrying abilities and general skills, yet they all were on disappointing teams. I honestly expected Sleepy to be in over Ryujehong, but it was the general vote that chose him.

Atlantic Division

This Overwatch League division contained the following teams: Boston Uprising, Florida Mayhem, London Spitfire, New York Excelsior, and the Philadelphia Fusion. While on paper, this division had better teams than the Pacific, they really were boosted by one team. That team managed to get four players on the team. New York, being the best team in the league, got Ark, Saebyeolbe, Pine and JJonak all into the All-Star team. Unfortunately, because of that, Florida and Boston didn’t get any players on the All-Star team.

Two MVPs walking into the Blizzard Arena: Yeon-joon “ArK” Hong and Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang. Photo by Robert Paul from Blizzard Entertainment.

With this team, some of the standout players are from different teams. As much of a surprise that there were four New York players on the team, another true MVP candidate named Carpe also made the team. He deserved his spot as much as Fissure deserved his on the other division’s team. Similarly, JJonak made it, being most peoples guess for league MVP. The only problem I see with this team is the way it was constructed. On the Pacific team, they have a group that knows their roles better than the Atlantic. On the Atlantic team, they only have one dedicated tank player: Gesture. While I was expecting a few New York players on the team, I honestly expected someone from Boston to make it in.

How will this All-Star event go?

Also similarly to other sports, there will be specific skill contests that each player will have their role to try. After that, there will be an All-Star game, with both divisions facing off against each other. Adding to it all, there will be an additional 12 players for each team added to their rosters. These extra players will be chosen by Overwatch League players themselves, coaches, casters, and staff.

I imagine this event going much like the NHL All-Star event; a celebration of what these players have accomplished. The improvements they’ve made will power them to an entertaining game, and the relationships they’ve made with their fans, as well as their fellow competitors, will make this event very enjoyable.


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