Overwatch League All-Access Pass back and better for 2019
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In the first season of the Overwatch League, viewers on Twitch were able to buy something called the All-Access Pass. This pass gave people access to all sorts of extra benefits, from a Command Center to free Overwatch skins. But, there was plenty of criticism thrown on it as well. Was it worth the money? Could it have been better?

Those topics are still being debated to this day. What we do know is that the new 2019 pass just started being offered at $15 USD. It’s a one-time payment for the whole season and it has everything the 2018 pass had and then some. In this article, we’ll go over what this new pass includes and if it’s worth your fifteen dollars. To start, let’s look at an improved feature from last year.

Command Center

This idea sounded great but never developed into anything more last season. The Command Center offered a different look into the Overwatch League, giving you access to a detailed version of the same stream. It gave people access to stats in the middle of a game, as well as cameras for each player on each team. The Command Center also sometimes showed two equal-sized main screens, usually of two important events.

An example of the customization in the Command Center, being able to choose presets and screens.

How is this being improved for the 2019 season? With one of the most fan-requested additions: choosing who you spectate. I agree with avid viewers that sometimes you want to choose who you spectate. Is there a Widowmaker battle happening and you want to spectate one of them? Just choose the player and you’ll only see the game from their perspective. Do you want to learn how to play a certain role better? You can watch only that role for the entire game.

Choosing which player to spectate in live games was first introduced in part with the Overwatch World Cup viewer. But instead of having to own the game and load it separately, now you can just buy the 2019 pass and choose away.

Mixed in with the individual views is a newly integrated overhead view, like the one seen in post-game analysis. Want to watch a certain push from a strategical perspective? This new view gives you that for the first time in the league. And to top it all off, you can customize these views any way you want using hotkeys or positioning on the screen.

Interviews, emotes, no ads, and more

If you watch the Overwatch League avidly on Twitch, buying the pass gives you plenty of benefits within the Twitch browser. One of the returning features from last season is the access to post-match interviews, where you can ask questions beforehand and watch famous players answer them randomly. Getting to ask one of your favorite players a question is a great addition.

Also, if you’re a Twitch Prime member (or if you link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account), buying the pass comes with 500 bits. These bits can be used to cheer specifically for your favorite team in a channel-only leaderboard. At the same time, after buying a pass, you can choose a specific team to support and gain access to team-only emotes. You can even talk with those emotes in a pass-only chat on Twitch.

All the teams and their team-only emotes on Twitch.

Another thing you get specifically for Twitch from this pass is disabling ads. That’s right, if you purchase this one-time pass, no ads will appear on any of the Overwatch League streams. But the last thing to mention to Twitch viewers is something they dabbled in last year: community challenges. Basically, each week there is a new set of goals each viewer can do individually or collectively. Doing these challenges ends up rewarding emotes or channel badges. The challenges reset every stage, so they don’t always stay the same.

In-game loot

Last year, this section consisted of free Overwatch skins toward the end of the season including the first versions of the teams’ away skins. To make it up to people who didn’t feel this pass had enough value, 200 Overwatch League tokens are included this year. That’s enough tokens to get two skins from any team you want – a home and away for both of them. Those 200 tokens cost $10 USD, almost covering the cost of the pass itself.

Can I still get tokens if I don’t have the pass?

Yes, but not the same 200 instantly. Exactly like last year, you have to link your Twitch account to your Overwatch account. The stream gives viewers one Overwatch League token per hour viewed, making it about four to five tokens per night. Besides the tokens, if you don’t get the pass, you have much less choice on what you can do in Twitch.

Is the 2019 All-Access Pass worth the price?

In my opinion, if you have the money to buy the skins anyway, this is one-hundred percent worth it. All the changes to the Command Center were made out of the wishes from viewers. Most dedicated viewers from last year agree that it is looking amazing from the preview video. If you’re also an avid Twitch viewer for the Overwatch League, the challenges make the games and chat more engaging. Plus, these challenges focus on working as a community, even gifting passes to friends. Being able to cheer your favorite team on with these brand new emotes adds a lot to the chat. Even if you don’t read or contribute to chat, the ad-free, customized view is much better than last year’s pass. Considering last year’s price was the same, they’ve stepped up their game for the league’s 2019 season.

If you’re interested in the 2019 All-Access Pass, you can buy it by heading over to this website.

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