Overwatch: How will Echo's release impact the game?
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Two days ago, Blizzard revealed Overwatch‘s 32nd hero was Echo. Yesterday, they released Echo onto the Public Test Region (PTR) for playtesting. We now know her role and abilities, so how will she impact the meta and other aspects of the game when she makes it to retail servers?

Echo has one of the strongest Ultimates in Overwatch

Echo’s Ultimate Ability, Duplicate, is one of the most unique and powerful abilities in the game. She can turn into an enemy hero and quickly charge that hero’s Ultimate, which gives her unrivaled versatility. Need a quick Earthshatter? How about more heals or a Nano Boost? Or maybe you need a Nano-Blade? With Echo, you get to choose.

Don’t forget that you can also use Duplicate in a pinch to go back to full health. Then, when the duplicate dies, you just return to being Echo. The unpredictable and versatile nature of Echo’s Ultimate will surely make her an instant top-pick in competitive Overwatch.

Other strong and fun abilities

As if Echo’s Ultimate wasn’t strong enough, her other abilities give her high mobility and damage. Her Sticky Bombs can eliminate a 200-health hero if she hits all of them. She also can get to pesky heroes like Widowmaker with her Flight ability (assuming she doesn’t get shot down first). With a Mercy pocket, she will be an extremely intimidating hero, similar to the Pharah Mercy combination.

Even if you were hoping for another healer, it’s hard to deny that Echo is an extremely cool and fun hero to play. She can fly and glide, deals high damage, and she excels in both aerial and close-quarters combat. Expect her strong and enjoyable skillset to make her extremely popular at all levels of play.

Expect Echo to have an immediate impact on the competitive metagame. Unless she gets absolutely gutted on the PTR, she will be a strong and exciting hero to play. Unfortunately, this probably means Damage queue times will be on the rise too.