Overwatch experimental patch changes multiple support Heroes
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The newest experimental patch notes for Overwatch are out, and it looks like several supports – along with Bastion and Junkrat – are getting updates. Here’s a look at the updates and how they might impact the game.

Mercy and Ana

Ana players have been living the good life in Overwatch recently, but she’s seeing a small nerf here. Her primary fire healing is getting a slight nerf, from 75 per shot to 70. Mercy, on the other hand, is getting a small buff from 50 healing per second with her primary fire to 55. This should help give players more incentive to play Mercy as a main healer over Ana.

Moira and Zenyatta

Moira is getting a small nerf to her Biotic Orb. It will travel faster, have a smaller radius, and last three seconds less. This should help Overwatch players avoid it more easily. Meanwhile, the damage application from Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord is going back up 5% to 30%. Zenyatta has largely been outclassed by Lucio and Brigitte lately, so this should help him get back in.


Bastion will receive several small changes. He’s going to move 10% slower, and his shots will spread faster, but he will also heal faster with his alternate fire (it also drains faster). This boost in survivability should help Bastion players since one of his biggest weaknesses is surviving burst damage.


Junkrat hasn’t seen too much success in Overwatch lately. He’s getting a little love in this experimental patch, with increased projectile speed on his Concussion Mine. His grenades will also not lose as much speed after ricocheting off walls. On top of this, his passive bombs after he dies will spread further and detonate faster. These are mostly quality of life changes that will help Junkrat players deal just a tad more damage than before.

Overwatch Junkrat

Keep in mind that this is only an experimental patch, so none of these changes will be live in competitive or quick play Overwatch games yet. If the feedback for the changes is positive, some or all of these changes might eventually make it to live servers.