Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan confirms a developer update is coming
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Overwatch‘s director, Jeff Kaplan, stated on a forum last night that a developer update will be coming at the end of this month. This is most likely the big news that Emongg hinted at a few days ago.

What will the developer update be about?

There has been a lot of speculation about what this news will be, but the most popular theory is that hero bans will be introduced. Leaks have shown that this is most likely what the news will be. There have already been a number of big names to chime in with their opinions on hero bans, as well as several Reddit threads discussing the topic.

The ability to ban a hero in Overwatch would be a major change to the game. This is a feature that most other popular hero-based games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and even Paladins, already have. This could potentially bring about a substantial shift in the competitive metagame.

Other possibilities

There are a number of other changes Blizzard could announce in this developer update as well. Overwatch fans have been waiting a long time for a new hero. The last hero released was Sigma in August. With only seven healers on the roster, it is likely that a new one will be announced.

Fans have also been waiting to hear more news about Overwatch 2. Blizzard announced the game at BlizzCon in November, but there hasn’t been much more information given on it. They could use this developer update to give a release date or further discuss the game.

Since Jeff Kaplan stated that the developer update will be at the end of the month, fans will probably have at least another week to continue speculating on what the news might be. He also said in the post that the team will try to release developer updates more frequently in the future.