Overwatch: D.Va disabled for a limited time due to a bug
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It’s been a while since the last time we couldn’t play a character due to a bug in Overwatch. Unfortunately, that is the case right now, and players cannot select D.Va to play in any game mode. Don’t be alarmed when you go to pick her and can’t.

Here’s what we know about the bug, and when D.Va might be back in the Hero rotation.

Overwatch players can’t play D.Va due to a bug

Currently, you can’t choose D.Va in any game mode regardless of whether you’re playing Quick Play, Arcade, Competitive, Open Queue, etc. There is a bug that appears to make her invincible. When she hits zero health, she stays in her mech and can continue to use her abilities and do damage.

The Overwatch team is aware of the issue with D.Va and is currently working to deploy a fix as soon as possible. They don’t know how long it will take to fix, however. She might only be gone for a few hours, but it could be days before we see her again.

The bug was likely caused by the new Winter Wonderland update that went live today. New updates are always a hotbed for bugs, and it seems likely that this is what caused it. At least Overwatch players get some nice skins and a new game mode to play!

If you are a D.Va main that doesn’t know who else to play as, we would recommend Winston or Wrecking Ball. Both of these Heroes are mobile tanks like D.Va and have similar playstyles. Wrecking Ball is fairly difficult, so if you aren’t familiar with him, you might want to go with Winston.

Hopefully, D.Va is back in action soon enough. Usually, these issues don’t take terribly long to resolve, and a hotfix is surely in the works and on the way.