Overwatch: Bug allows players to damage boost Torbjorn's turret
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A Tweet by DarwinStreams earlier today showed video evidence of a game-changing bug in Overwatch. The bug allows players to damage boost Torbjorn’s turret, something that wasn’t initially possible and a change that definitely wasn’t part of the most recent patch notes.

The bug is fairly simple to abuse. Just have an Ana, Mercy, or Orisa use their damage boosting abilities on Torbjorn when his turret is active. The turret will do considerably more damage. If all three are active, the damage can go from 14 to 33 per shot.

This gives Torbjorn players a significant advantage in Overwatch games, as his turret has auto-aim. Torbjorn simply has to set it down and let it do all the work on its own, assuming the opposing team doesn’t destroy it. Players who are aware of this bug will surely attempt to abuse it and protect the turret while boosting Torbjorn.

It also affects Ashe and B.O.B.

The bug doesn’t only affect Torbjorn, either. Shortly after the initial video about Torbjorn, Andy Bohan, an Overwatch player for team Ireland, tweeted that the bug also applies to Ashe’s Ultimate, B.O.B. The way it impacts B.O.B. is even weirder too since B.O.B. can be damage boosted, while Torbjorn’s turret can’t. It appears that players who want B.O.B. to receive the boost must boost Ashe instead. Boosting B.O.B. will not affect his damage.

It seems that the community is aware of these bugs, which means that Blizzard surely will be soon. Even so, Blizzard likely won’t make an effort to fix the bug until their next patch goes live. Perhaps they will choose to ban Torbjorn in their next hero pool if they get wind of the bug in time.

Have you been seeing a lot of Torbjorn in your Overwatch games? If you do, make sure to get rid of his turret as fast as possible to keep him in check until the bug is fixed.