Overwatch announces legendary GOAT Brigitte skin
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Overwatch League just announced a GOAT Brigitte legendary skin. This skin will hit Overwatch on Feb. 6 to celebrate the start of the new Overwatch League season.

“GOAT” is a popular acronym in sports that stands for “greatest of all time.” This has a double meaning when it comes to Brigitte though, as she was often referred to as the strongest hero ever released in her vanilla form in Overwatch, and she was also a staple in the team composition known as “GOATS.”


The GOATS meta in Overwatch

The Overwatch Contenders team actually named “GOATS” popularized the 3-tank, 3-healer GOATS composition in 2018, and it dominated the Overwatch League in 2019 until Blizzard enforced 2-2-2 role lock.

Brigitte became the anchor of this team composition because of her ability to provide AOE armor and heals dishing out damage and stuns. Her abilities synergized well with those of Lucio, who could taxi her and Reinhardt around with his speed boost.

Blizzard has nerfed Brigitte several times since then. She is no longer a competitive pick due to her nerfs and large shifts in the meta, but there is always a chance that she will make a return at some point. Granted, Blizzard is probably not in a rush to give her a buff anytime soon.

Brigitte was considered the most powerful Overwatch hero when she first came out in 2018. She was a great counter to the popular Dive meta at the time, but she created a new meta almost instantly. Her ability to deal damage and heal allowed for more triple-support comps. More comps formed as a result of her until GOATS eventually took over.

The new legendary skin gives Brigitte white and blue armor with a purple hood that has goat horns. It will be available in-game from Feb. 6 to 19. Pounce on it while you can.