Origin disables "refer-a-friend" promotion to fix free Apex Coins exploit
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It looks like a fix is finally coming for the Apex Coin exploit that has plagued Apex Legends for weeks. As announced on the company’s Twitter page, Origin has temporarily pulled the refer-a-friend promotion while they work on a fix.

As we reported yesterday, many players have recently been using an Origin launcher exploit to grant their accounts a free month of Origin Access. This promo came with a bonus reward of 1,000 Apex Coins, a banner badge, and an epic Flatline skin. While this particular version of the exploit seemed to surface recently, the mechanic behind the cheat has been around. The same method used to abuse the EA Access promo was previously used by players to grab free rewards from a Twitch Prime promotion. Exploiters needed only to enter a command line in their client’s launch settings, and they’d get all of the Twitch Prime bonus rewards without ever having to actually sign up.

We speculated yesterday on whether these exploits could have been one of the causes for Respawn delaying the Battle Pass. Players who unfairly collected 1,000 Coins would have had enough to buy the 950 Coin Battle Pass outright. Thousands more would have done. Honest players in the community would have been upset, and Respawn would have lost a significant amount of business. It stood to reason, therefore, that this could have been one of the contributing factors towards the delay.

While this message from Origin doesn’t explicitly answer the question, it does tell us that it’s clearly been a priority fix.