OpTic Texas moves on at Major IV with 3-1 win over Boston
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OpTic Texas are beginning to look dangerous. While they are one of the lowest seeds at Major IV, a return to LAN has done wonders for OpTic. After defeating Minnesota ROKKR yesterday in the loser’s bracket, they moved on to play the Boston Breach today. While Boston seemed to have Texas’ number before today, OpTic turned things around in a major way, defeating Boston by a score of 3-1.

This ends the run for Boston at Major IV while Texas continues their run through the loser’s bracket. The more they play, the better OpTic seems to get. That is a terrifying thing for the rest of the CDL at Major IV.

OpTic Texas knocks Boston out of Major IV

The series began the same way it did for OpTic Texas yesterday against Minnesota, with a Bocage Hardpoint loss. Texas vetoed Berlin Hardpoint because it’s Boston’s best map but playing Bocage has been a disaster for OpTic as of late. They were dominated on the map by ROKKR and the same rang true today against the Breach. While the final score was relatively close, the map was Boston’s to lose all throughout. Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro continued to struggle on Bocage HP for Texas (finished with a 0.57 KD).

On the next map, though, Shotzzy was able to redeem himself. Tuscan Search and Destroy was Shotzzy’s playground, as he went off for nine kills. On Boston’s side, the SMG duo of Reece “Vivid” Drost and Dylan “Nero” Koch struggled mightily, only securing two kills each. The next map was on Tuscan Control, which could have gone either way. OpTic has struggled heavily on this map throughout Major IV and that trend continued in round one, as they only captured a single tick on offense. However, after that round, Texas settled down and wiped the Breach off of Tuscan, winning three rounds straight. Once again, Nero had trouble keeping up with Shotzzy’s superb SMG work.

With OpTic up 2-1 in the series, the match transitioned to Tuscan Hardpoint. At the beginning of the map, Boston had full control of the rotations. They gained around 40 points by the end of P5 through the first rotation, but OpTic turned things around at P1. Texas had a full hold at P1 the second time around, holding the point for massive points in the next two hills. However, the Breach came back with two strong holds at P4 and P5, taking the lead by the start of the third P1.

After some battling back and forth, Boston was down by a few points near the end of P1, and almost every player moved to P2; that is, every player except OpTic Texas’ Seth “Scump” Abner, who won a 1v1 at P1 with a few seconds left for the win. It was a gutsy play by Scump, who killed his old teammate Tj “TJHaLy” Haly on P1 to secure the final points that OpTic needed to win.

That does it for the Boston Breach at Major IV. We haven’t seen the last of them, though, as they clinched their spot at Champs. OpTic Texas moves on in the loser’s bracket and they’ll play the loser of Florida vs. NYSL later today.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.