Offline TV's Yvonnie sexually harassed by streamer in League of Legends lobby
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Offline TV‘s House Manager Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng recently had a public sexual harassment encounter with a streamer. The streamer known as Doaenel said some very inappropriate words that led to Yvonnie calling him out on Twitter.

Asking unwanted questions

In Doaenel’s streamed clip, he is seen making an unwanted sexual comment to Yvonnie. As his team is busy picking their champions, he chats her, “Would you have sexc [sic] with me, yes or no,” followed by a threatening “answer me down, or I run it down.” Usually when players threaten to “run it down,” it means they will intentionally ruin the game for the team by running down their mid lane and feeding kills to the enemy.

The streamer vocally shares his annoyance by saying, “So I say, ‘hey, Yvonnie.’ She says, ‘Hi.’ [I say,] ‘Would you have sex with me?’ Doesn’t answer. I expected an answer.”

His friends tagged along

Viewers then hear his friends saying, “This is what will become of you if you’re kept in high elo.” His other friend comments, “Like sexually harass Yvonnie?” Doaenel is then heard laughing saying “It’s not sexual harassment. Its just testing people’s honesty.” This encounter made Yvonnie uncomfortable to the point of her posting the clip to her 100,000 Twitter followers.

She captioned the video saying, “it’s not testing people’s honestly, its sexual harassment.” Her intention was to show her viewers that people like him still exist, and they should know of this kind of behavior.

After her post, Yvonnie’s teammate William “Scarra” Li jumped into her comment section to share one of Doaenel’s comments, which still asked her to answer the question. This experience enraged plenty of viewers and streamers who find Doaenel’s behavior unacceptable.

Responding to the incident

Once Doaenel saw the clipped video, he jokingly responded, “Dude, it actually never gets old. Okay, this is the problem. You guys sit here and say, ‘Oh my god, bro, sexual harassment.’ Come on, it was funny.” He continued, referring to Yvonnie, “I think I’m attractive, right? So I’m like, ‘You know what? I’m attractive. Maybe she’s attractive — who knows — would she procreate with yours truly?”

Some Twitter responses asked for Twitch and Riot to permanently ban him. Twitch has in fact banned him.

When Doaenel’s Twitch page existed, he clearly stated his rules were, “No racism, no sexism, English only, don’t be excessively toxic.” Although he wanted to enforce this rule, viewers still saw him commenting on his live stream about the encounter. This is one of many examples of how online harassment can affect players outside of the game.

Sexual harassment is a prominent issue in gaming as the number of women streamers increasingly grows. According to a Twitch advertising report, 81% of Twitch streamers are male. With a male-dominated industry, females tend to be overshadowed. NBCNews has recently released a study on the biggest obstacles for female streamers. There have been plenty of occurrences where they have dealt with sexual harassment and unwelcome comments. This is especially true for Yvonnie, who didn’t expect to deal with such comments in the lobby of her League of Legends game.

No one is looking to deal with uncomfortable experiences. It is still unknown whether Twitch or Riot will take action against what had happened. We will keep you updated here on Daily Esports.