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Just as the Overwatch League off-season is starting to pass by the holidays, it seems some teams want to finish up their rosters. The New York Excelsior have announced Korean DPS players Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee, Seung-woo “FEATH5R” Lee, Young-woo “Flora” Lim, and Gwang-won “Gwangboong” Kim. After announcing their tanks and supports over the past week, they’ve finally revealed their depth on DPS. This bulk signing is a balance of experience, talent, and potential. While Ivy is the only one who has played in the league before, all four have good hero pools and should work well together on the NYXL 2021 roster.

Ivy’s past

Ivy leaves the Fusion.

As the only player fans recognize from the Overwatch League, Ivy played for the Philadelphia Fusion last season. However, he started as another Korean contenders talent two seasons ago. Playing for O2 Ardeont, he played alongside a lot of future Overwatch League talent. One of these players is a former and current teammate of Ivy’s, newly arrived NYXL main tank Gyeong-mu “Yakpung” Jo. As he joined the Overwatch League with the Toronto Defiant, he showed moments of greatness. However, with the GOATs meta lasting most of the season, he never got to play his best heroes. But, as Toronto blew up that roster, the Philadelphia Fusion saw an opportunity. They got Ivy in a trade, and he was a key player in their performances that season. They never won, but Ivy’s flexibility was key. As he wanted to stay in the league as the Fusion released him, it seems the NYXL was a great spot for Ivy.

Feath3r’s past

For Feath3r, his key role was as a projectile DPS on most teams he was on. He grew to popularity playing for BATTLICA, a Korean contenders team. Despite not finishing great at the start of the season, he helped lead the team to a surprise week three win over Element Mystic. However, towards the end of 2020, he moved to Talon Esports. He joined them after their best performances, but still improved that team and kept them in competition. He was a highly attractive DPS signing for many teams, but it seems the talk from NYXL convinced him.

Flora’s past

Flora, playing for WGS Armament.

Now, Flora is a hitscan specialist. His career is interesting, as his best finishes in the league were when he first joined it in late 2018. Still very young, he originally played for WGS Armament, and helped them reach a semi-final finish. After a short season with O2 Blast, he moved onto Meta Athena. For the start of 2020, he helped the team stay in contenders and fought some great contenders teams. But, he decided to move onto Open Division to hone his skills, to play for Team Diamond. He ended up winning Open Division, and returned back into Korean contenders with a new team. Staying with Team Diamond, he made it to the Korean Gauntlet, but lost and got eliminated from it. However, with the talent shown, the NYXL were happy to take him.

Gwangboong’s past

As another hitscan specialist, Gwangboong is known for his Widowmaker play. Playing in both Korean and Chinese contenders, he grew to popularity playing for Team Cat in China. After joining their team, they won Open Division in China against Lucky Future. Also, they finished second in the most recent weekly tournament, losing to the dominant Team CC. While Gwangboong’s past isn’t as experienced as others in this post, his potential and quick success seems a big addition to the NYXL 2021 roster depth.

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