North CSGO social media accounts abruptly go dark
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One of the most recognized Danish CSGO teams on the scene, North, has mysteriously deleted all of its social media content. The organization, affiliated with the Danish football team F.C. Copenhagen, may be getting ready for a huge announcement, perhaps a rebranding or an organizational restructure.

North’s content disappears

The organization’s content on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook has been completely deleted. On top of all that, North’s official website is unreachable, with a “404 – Page not Found” error popping up upon trying to reach the CSGO team’s website.

North’s YouTube channel, without any content, similar to Twitter and Facebook.

The organization has not mentioned anything of this sort before on any of their social media outlets. North has also failed to leave a trace of a comment anywhere as to what is actually happening.

North’s 2019 in a nutshell

North had a decent year in CSGO, ending 2019 with a victory at DreamHack Open Sevilla by defeating CR4ZY in the finale. The team also qualified for WESG alongside Heroic after the North European Closed Qualifier.

The lineup features ex-Astralis star Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye and is currently placed at #20 on the HLTV global rankings. After living in the shadow of Astralis for the past two years, it wouldn’t be surprising if the organization went dark to unveil a brand new stylistic rebrand and perhaps organizational alterations to the roster itself. Fnatic did that in 2019, resulting in the team becoming very successful on the CSGO scene shortly afterward. Whatever the reason for the team’s social media content disappearing, we will surely learn it quite soon.

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