Ninja makes appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ninja aka Tyler Blevins made another appearance on late night television last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Things got interesting when the two started dancing.

Ninja became famous for streaming and playing Fortnite on Twitch (he currently has about 12.5 million followers). He, of course, talked about how Fortnite has brought him success and his huge following before they literally got up in front of the audience. Ninja attempted to teach Fallon the Pon Pon Dance. It was quite hilarious to watch, to be honest. Before Ninja even made his appearance on the show last night, Fallon joked about how playing video games can make you famous today. He’s not wrong. You can check out the hilarious clip of the two getting their dance on below.

Ninja recently won an award at the 2018 Game Awards for Content Creator of the Year. With millions of followers, it seems he is not ready to slow down anytime soon.

Ninja Talks Fortnite Addiction

During his time on The Tonight Show, Fallon brought up an important subject that we have covered here on Daily Esports: gaming addiction in kids. When you play a game as popular as Fortnite with over 200 million players, it’s no wonder majority of those playing it are kids.

Fallon asked Ninja his opinion on kids becoming addicted to the game. His response was basically that parents should take it away from them if they feel it has become a problem. That’s easier than it sounds. Kids are now literally going to gaming rehab because they are that attached to the game. While he didn’t exactly give the best advice to parents watching, he sure made for interesting late night television with the Pon Pon Dance. Ninja also recently announced he will be hosting a New Year’s Eve live stream to ring in 2019.