Ninja signs exclusively to Twitch for all streaming purposes
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The long wait is finally over, as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has a new home for streaming. Twitch and Ninja have announced they’ve reached an exclusivity deal. While there was some doubt after his YouTube broadcast in July, Twitch always seemed like the likeliest option for Blevins. After Mixer shut down in June, the streamer hadn’t gone live for more than a few hours. Though he tinkered with Twitch and YouTube, no one quite knew where was going to end up. However, we now know that he’s returning to the website where it all started.

Twitch and Ninja reunite in 2020

After Blevins decided to leave Twitch for Mixer around a year ago, the streaming website seemed to hold a grudge. The site even went so far as to hide Ninja’s channel by saying that page was “in another castle.” Of course, this rubbed Ninja the wrong way and his decision to leave for Mixer looked better by the day.

However, his numbers on the Microsoft-owned website weren’t the greatest. Even though he had a guaranteed contract, it was evident Ninja missed having a community around him as he did on Twitch.

Well, a year later, and the two sides have seemingly made up. Earlier today, both parties announced that Ninja would now be going live on Twitch for all streaming purposes from here on out. There’s no word on what this exclusivity deal contains but it’s reported that the contract is for multiple years.

This always seemed like the most logical choice. Ninja already holds a huge fan base on Twitch and would receive an outpouring of support upon his return. While he could’ve signed with YouTube, he already has a successful channel on that site, so it makes sense to split up the content.

Currently, it’s unclear when Ninja plans on going live for the first time. We’ll update this story whenever that news becomes available though.

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