Tyler "Ninja" Blevins partners with Uber Eats, shares interview
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Popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced a new partnership with dining delivery service Uber Eats. The announcement came via his Twitter account after a marathon streaming session that lasted over ten hours. Meanwhile, Uber Eats celebrated the partnership by posting a poll on their own Twitter page. Capitalizing on the success of Ninja’s current obsession, the poll asked users a Fortnite themed question, inquiring whether users prefer apples or mushrooms. For the two readers out there who don’t play Fortnite, these items allow players to regain small amounts of health or shields, respectively.

Ninja talks to Uber Eats about Fortnite, eating, and streaming

Beyond this, Uber Eats also shared an exclusive interview with the gaming wunderkind. Unsurprisingly, many of the questions relate to his food preferences and mostly serves as an ad for the company. However, Ninja does also share some insight into his mentality as a streamer. He provided the following response when asked, “You stream over 300 hours a month. Do you ever worry that streaming will stop being fun? How do you keep from burning out?”

I definitely do not worry about that because I love video games. I love video games SO much. I’ve been doing this for seven years, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Once I stop enjoying video games, that would be when I stop enjoying streaming. I get to share my passion with millions of people every day, I definitely won’t be getting burned out anytime soon.

It makes sense. Streaming may seem like a dream job for many youth, but the long hours and constant need to entertain take a toll on players. Despite reports that Ninja lost thousands of streamers after taking a break for a few days, he seems to still be deeply invested. Especially when you consider that this is the latest in a series of partnerships and endorsements for the sensational player. Within the past few weeks, Ninja also unveiled a endorsement from Red Bull, along with his own branded underwear. Furthermore, this continues the trend of dining and gaming crossovers, as TSM Fortnite partnered with Chipotle earlier this month.