New VALORANT agent Gekko abilities revealed during LOCK//IN finals
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The new agent Gekko just got revealed at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil finals. An initiator, he uses little creatures for each of his abilities, with a lot of similarities to the agent Skye.

Here is a quick rundown of his abilities and what new aspects they provide to VALORANT.

Gekko ability rundown

Thanks to some casters talking to agent developer Ryan Cousart on top of Gekko gameplay in the showmatch before the finals, we have a good idea of what all of Gekko’s abilities are.

First off, we have Mosh Pit. To compare it to another ability, it has similarities to KAY/O’s Fragment grenade and Breach’s Aftershock. It’s a caustic grenade that does big damage after a pause, able to hold down chokes or slow engages.

The second ability is Dizzy, Gekko’s signature ability. It’s a blind ability, similar to Skye’s and Yoru’s flash. Where it differs from other blinds is that, when hit, it covers HUD instead of fully blinding foes. For comparison, think of the ink splat from the Mario Kart series. Plus, after use, it is available to retrieve for a second use in a round.

The third ability Wingman brings up is one of the most unique abilities in VALORANT history. Similar to Boom Bot, this little creature moves in a line and when it finds an enemy, it hits like Skye dog for a concussive bark. What makes it so fun is that he can take the spike from you and plant deep in, or if you’re on defense, he can go defuse for you.

On attack, it can leave the spike in a rough spot if killed, so it does have a risk/reward factor. After it dies, you can try and pick it up to get a shorter cooldown, like Dizzy. Wingman will keep going even if Gekko dies. However, if Gekko was the last alive, the Wingman gets scared and also dies.

Lastly, we have Gekko’s ultimate, named Thrash. Much like Skye’s dog, you possess a creature and run toward your enemies. But, on hit with a foe, enemies in a zone nearby are detained, like Killjoy’s ultimate. This puts the new agent in a unique spot, as Gekko is the second VALORANT agent with the detain ability. The detain lasts only five seconds, whereas Killjoy’s detain lasts ten seconds. Much like his other abilities, you can pick up Thrash after use and get another use in a round.

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