New submachine gun weapon variant coming to Fortnite
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A new in-game message in Fortnite reveals a new submachine gun (SMG) weapon that is coming to the game soon. The message reads, “Submachine Gun – Coming Soon! New SMG weapon with a fast rate of fire and improved mobility.” This is the first update for the game since the large Season 5 patch from last week.

New submachine gun SMG weapon variant

Yet another submachine gun weapon for Fortnite

Despite this being the first update this season, this is actually the second submachine gun variant corresponding with Fortnite Season 5.  Revealed shortly before the start of the season, the Drum Gun resembles an old-school Tommy Gun. Though also an SMG, the Drum Gun has reduced range but increased firepower. This latest SMG appears to be the inverse, favoring quick mobility for “spray n’ pray” combat.

That being said, SMGs are currently one of the most abundant weapons in-game. Furthermore, ever since the recent nerfs to shotguns, players are finding SMGs to be a go-to solution for close combat. With yet another variant adding the fray, it’ll be interesting to see how the other weapons stay balanced and relevant.