New Overwatch experimental patch changes how shotguns work
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Are you sick of getting hooked and killed by Roadhog in one shot? The newest Overwatch experimental patch aims to change how shotguns work to make them more consistent, along with giving Roadhog a nerf. Here’s what you need to know.

Overwatch shotgun changes

Currently in Overwatch, each “shotgun-like” ability has a random pattern. This means that every time you shoot Roadhog’s primary fire into a target, the pellets will land in different locations. This Experimental Patch will change that so shots are no longer random. This should help improve consistency with these types of abilities. Here are the affected abilities:

  • Ashe’s Coach Gun
  • Doomfist’s Primary Fire
  • D.Va’s Primary Fire
  • Reaper’s Primary Fire
  • Roadhog’s Primary and Alternate Fire
  • Torbjorn’s Alternate Fire

Nerfs to Roadhog

It’s no secret that Roadhog is strong right now. Players are playing him at all levels and they even played him alongside Zarya in the Overwatch League playoffs yesterday. He is getting a flat damage nerf to the damage of his Scrap Gun.

  • Roadhog’s Scrap Gun will do six damage per pellet down from seven (total damage down from 175 to 150)

This should help make Roadhog less threatening to squishy targets and give them a chance to survive if they get hit by his Chain Hook. Torbjorn is also receiving some changes.

  • Torbjorn’s Alternate Fire recovery rate is down from .8 seconds to .6 seconds, but the damage is going up from 10.5 to 12.5 per projectile up to 125 total damaged per shot

This change will make it more important to hit each shot, as it will do more damage but he won’t be able to spam it as quickly.

Remember, as always with Experimental Patches, that these changes are not final and may never go live. If you want to try out the changes, make sure to check out the Experimental game mode in the play menu.