New Fiddlesticks interactions channel a champion's deepest fears
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Teasers for League of Legends’ creepiest scarecrow have made their way online, and Skin Spotlights just released his voice lines. In these creepier, newer lines, Fiddlesticks interacts with a number of champions, such as Annie, Garen, Kindred, and Lux. According to the official League of Legends Instagram, Fiddlesticks will go live on the Public Test Environment (PBE) tonight.

“Fiddlesticks is just a fable, a story to scare children,” he says as he struggles to speak through his wheezing voice. In these interactions, players can see what Fiddlesticks’ dialogue consists of when it comes to attacking, laughing, and mocking. Additionally, his interactions with enemies expose their deepest, darkest fears. Some might take the dialogue as hints within their lores and individual stories.

From a previous teaser, it seems as though Fiddlesticks mimics his prey. In the short trailer, a guard disappears into the woods, and his friend goes after him to find him. Once he spots a moving shadow, he sees Fiddlesticks standing tall. “Help me!” he says, in a voice similar to the guard.

At the start of each encounter, Fiddlesticks mocks every champion. One of the first encounters previewed in the Spotlight video is Garen’s interaction with him. “Garen… Brother… Please don’t hate me…” This line reflects what his younger sister Lux would say; according to his lore, he doesn’t approve of her magical powers. Family means everything to him, so hearing these words mocks what he fears the most: losing his sister.

Another champion interaction Fiddlesticks has is with Jinx. The reason for her rambunctious, rebellious attitude is unknown, and players might get a glimpse of how she really feels. Once he first encounters her, he says “All your fault! All your fault!” This can be an indication that Jinx fears some kind of rejection and blame.

Surprise Party Fiddlesticks

Besides the psychological aspect, his dialogue consists of creepy riddles to haunt your dreams at night. Along with his regular dialogue, Riot has also rolled out some Surprise Party Fiddlesticks voice lines. The video opens up with his line, “Hello little boy, are you afraid of clowns?” From there, fans can listen to a long list of banter and witty jokes.

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