New cards are coming to Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel on April 4
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel‘s Duel Pass and Selection Packs have timers that expire on the night of Sunday, April 3, with no announcements of what would be replacing them. Konami seemed to have recognized this and unveiled its plan: On Monday, April 4 the old Selection Packs will be replaced with two new ones that will be bringing the first new card to Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel since the game’s release.

“Ruler’s Mask” and “Beyond Speed” will be the two new packs coming to Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel after the next update. These packs will contain support for older archetypes while also introducing new ones. Ruler’s Mask will be introducing the “Despia” archetype. Despia is one of the most highly sought-after archetypes in the physical trading card game today. Along with Despia is the introduction of the “Magikey” and “Gunkan” archetypes. The latter is literally based on sushi warships which have become a fan favorite despite having zero meta relevance.

Ruler’s Mask also gives players the first card in the Swordsoul archetype, The Iris Swordsoul. For the past few months in the physical TCG, the Swordsoul deck has been at the top of the metagame. Players should not expect the Swordsoul archetype to be fully playable from this pack alone as it seems that the game is just getting the rest of the Dawn of Majesty booster set which lines up with the cards mentioned in the in-game announcement.

The other pack that is coming out, Beyond Speed, adds to this logic by adding in the literal cover card of Dawn of Majesty, Shooting Majestic Star Dragon. Along with that card, Beyond Speed includes more cards for the Speedroid, Majestic, and Fleur archetypes which came out in Dawn of Majesty and the Duelist Pack: Synchro Storm booster sets. The most sought-after card here will hands down be Barrone de Fleur, which is one of the most played Synchro monsters in the physical TCG metagame.

There is no news on what other cards will be included in these packs or when future cards will be implemented into the game.

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