A new pulse-pounding Blackout trailer for Black Ops 4 dropped
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Publisher Activision just laid down the proverbial battle royale gauntlet to all current and would-be contenders (I’m looking at you Battlefield V). After a week of teases for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 battle royale mode – including what sort of player count and map size we are dealing with – Activision dropped a Blackout trailer on us today in advance of the upcoming beta.  The beta will be going live on September 10 for PS4 players and September 14 for everyone else. Check out the dicey mode in the video below:

Treyarch, you have my attention

Salivating yet? There’s a lot of carnage going on in this trailer. But, I practically fell out of my chair seeing Sgt. Frank Woods (of Black Ops and Black Ops II fame) complete with original voice actor, James Burns, drop a solid line before joining in the mayhem. Despite having known this detail, I seemingly forgot and experienced a swift rush of nostalgia for, perhaps, my favorite Call of Duty game. Yes, in the Call of Duty world we can now be nostalgic for an eight-year-old game. I wonder if Treyarch will eventually try to break out of the Black Ops world and bring other Call of Duty icons to the mode in the future – dibs on Captain Price.

The video also gave us a glimpse of many of the locales that were on the map tweeted yesterday ranging from the creepy Asylum to the Black Ops staple – Nuketown. I also was thrilled to see the dive off of the dam, more of the vehicular gameplay, and the ability to harness your inner Batman with that sweet grapple-hook action. For fans of Call of Duty in general, it looks like there’s something here for everyone. Even zombies fans get a piece of the battle royale action. All in all, this is very ambitious on the surface. Unfortunately, we must wait just a few more days to play battle royale with Call of Duty’s frenetic twist.

Be sure to let us know what excited you most about the trailer in the comments below!