New Apex Legends esports program, holiday event in the works
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There is a lot in store for Apex Legends in the coming months. The recent EA fiscal 2020 Q2 earnings call script once again highlighted the game’s success, with COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen branding it EA’s “annual shooter.” EA is getting behind Respawn and Apex in a big way, promising continual support and expansion for years. In the long term, that should include a mobile release and an official launch in China. However, there are other cool new things coming sooner than that, including a possible Apex Legends holiday event.

Apex Legends is among the EA titles coming to Steam through EA Access early next year. The company also apparently has a brand new esports infrastructure planned, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson. In the earnings call he stated that EA is focused on “launching an Apex competitive gaming program.” We are not certain what this entails specifically, other than reaffirming their promise to support the game’s esports scene. Wilson noted that additional details will be made available soon.

Apex Legends holiday event

Wilson also promised players will have “new content and new experiences to dive into during the holiday quarter.” This lines up really well with recent leaks from data-miner Shrugtal, which indicate an Apex Legends holiday event may be in the works. Shrugtal published a selection of strings showing winter-themed voice quips. They share the same format as the quips added during the Apex Legends Halloween event.

If this supposed event is anything like the previous affairs, we know exactly what to expect. Apex players will vie for shiny new cosmetics through limited-event challenges. We will also likely witness another town takeover, although this time on the brand new World’s Edge map. The Epicenter feels like a good spot for a redesign, starting with the massive icicle cluster in the middle of it.

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