NBA star Devin Booker learns of the league indefinitely suspending the rest of the season while streaming live on Twitch
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In one of the most shocking stories to break regarding the coronavirus to date, the NBA has suspended the rest of the season indefinitely as a result of a player testing positive for COVID-19.

With the entire league rocked by the news, reactions and updates have been streaming in constantly over the past hour. Devin Booker, star player for the Phoenix Suns, first learned of the news live on his Twitch channel while streaming Call of Duty.

In a clip taken from Booker’s channel and shared by ESPN Esports, Booker’s first reaction was one entirely of disbelief. “No way. ****. What the ****? What the **** going on bro?” Booker remained silent for the remainder of the short clip.

Editor’s note: The clip originally shared by ESPN Esports has since been deleted. We have replaced the previous tweet with one from Complex Sports that contained the same clip.

Patient zero

The player largely suspected to have tested positive for COVID-19 is Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert. In what has now become an incredibly controversial clip, Rudy Gobert was recently seen poking fun at the coronavirus by smearing his hands over all of the mics and recorders used at his most recent press conference.

According to a chart shared by StatMuse on Twitter, all 30 of the league’s teams can be linked to the Utah Jazz over the last five days, giving ample reason for the league suspending the remainder of the season.

While many cities, leagues and sports organizations around the globe have made the decision to postpone matches or restrict access to their events, this is the first instance of a major league suspending all activity indefinitely.