NBA 2K League Week Two Power Rankings: Monster performances
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It was arguably the most newsworthy week of the NBA 2K League’s early history last week. Fans witnessed great matchups to open the season, record-breaking performances, and history on and off the virtual court. All the excitement around last week has fans wondering: What is going to happen in week two of the NBA 2K League?

After week one, nine teams remain undefeated. Out of those nine teams, three teams secured a 2-0 start to the 2019 campaign: Bucks Gaming, NetsGC, and Cavs Legion GC. On the opposite end, eight teams head into the new week looking for their first win of the new season.

The NBA 2K League has another 14 games slated for the second week of action. Games begin on Wednesday, April 17 at 6 p.m. ET. Two undefeated teams, Pacers Gaming and Cavs Legion GC, open up week two’s schedule.

NBA 2K League Week Two Power Rankings

With the first week of the regular season in the books, the power rankings had a few shifts. Fans saw some teams continue their momentum, while others failed to keep it going. A total of 14 more games take place in week two. The power rankings before these games are below!

1. 76ers GC (1-0 in Week 1)

Ethan “Radiant” White has been the standout star for 76ers GC and there is no denying it. After his strong performances in the Tipoff, Radiant went off for 28 points and nine assists against Raptors Uprising GC last week. A 19-point win over the Raptors and Tipoff Champions has 76ers GC locked as the top team in the league.

2. Heat Check Gaming (1-0)

A statement win over 2018’s champion, Knicks Gaming, has Heat Check Gaming moving into the second spot. Heat Check had four players hit double digits for points in their season opener. With the spread in scoring and the current team play, Heat Check is looking like it’s in midseason form to make another playoff run.

3. Pacers Gaming (1-0)

One of the early surprises of the 2019 season, Pacers Gaming is using its big guys down low to produce and teams are struggling to find answers. Center Ramo “Ramo” Radoncic earned himself a double-double with 19 points and 15 rebounds against Jazz Gaming. Nick “Swizurk” Grech recorded a game-high 30 points in the blowout win last week.

4. Bucks Gaming (2-0)

Bucks Gaming made the biggest jump in the power rankings this week and for good reasons. Aaron “Arooks” Rookwood was a monster last week. He opened the regular season with 32 points, going 8-for-14 from three-point land. The next day, Arooks solidified a 2-0 week for Bucks Gaming with 41 points versus Blazer5 Gaming. The big question for Bucks Gaming is — if Arooks gets shut down, who steps up?

5. Warriors Gaming Squad (1-0)

It took a second half comeback, but Warriors Gaming Squad came out of week one with a 1-0 record after defeating Pistons GT 66-57. The hype that followed the team into the Tipoff continued into week one and for good reasons. Point guard Charles “CB13” Bostwick dished 11 assists, helping three of his teammates score in double digits. With this diverse production, Warriors Gaming Squad will be difficult to contain both inside and out.

6. T-Wolves Gaming (1-1)

Not much T-Wolves Gaming could have done against Bucks Gaming with Arooks shooting the light out last week. The more promising moment came the next day with an 11-point win over Lakers Gaming. Four players scored double digits and two players secured double-doubles. If T-Wolves Gaming can avoid the tilt of an opposing player going off, they can be a top-four team in this league.

7. Celtics Crossover Gaming (0-1)

Despite the fight that saw team members fined and suspended, Celtics Crossover Gaming played three solid quarters against Hawks Talon GC before ultimately losing by 10 points. Fans of the NBA 2K League probably were not surprised by this as the Celtics have a reputation for underperforming during the season. They eventually end up playing to their potential during tournaments. It is hard to argue Celtics Crossover Gaming is not a playoff team in the league after the performance in the Tipoff.

8. Blazer5 Gaming (0-1)

Similar to the T-Wolves, Blazer5 Gaming fell victim to Arooks of Bucks Gaming to start the season 0-1. Blazer5 Gaming has the talent to perform better than what they showed last week. The Portland crew opens week two with Warriors Gaming Squad. This game marks an opportunity for Blazer5 Gaming to prove they can compete for a playoff spot this year.

9. NetsGC (2-0)

It’s hard to figure out whether fans should be impressed by the 2-0 week from NetsGC or chalk it up to poor opponents. The team was able to hold off a below average Kings Guard Gaming after jumping out to a 21-point lead at the half. NetsGC followed that with a win over Magic Gaming by three points. These next two weeks should show the fans where NetsGC ranks with the rest of the league.

Members of Cavs Legion GC celebrating at the NBA 2K League Power Rankings
Members of Cavs Legion GC celebrating after a 2-0 week. (Image via NBA 2K League)

10. Cavs Legion GC (2-0)

The third and final team to register a 2-0 record after week one rounds out the top 10. Gerald “Sick x 973” Knapp led Cavs Legion GC in scoring for both games. Knapp proved too much for both Raptors Uprising GC and Magic Gaming and is the main reason for the great start. Cavs Legion looked good at times, but there are still many questions that surround this team.

11. Magic Gaming (0-2)
12. Knicks Gaming (0-1)
13. Mavs Gaming (1-0)
14. Hawks Talon GC (1-0)
15. Raptors Uprising GC (0-2)
16. Jazz Gaming (0-1)
17. Kings Guard Gaming (1-1)
18. Wizards District Gaming (0-1)
19. Lakers Gaming (0-1)
20. Pistons GT (0-1)
21. Grizz Gaming (0-1)

Stay tuned for more power rankings, and let us know if you have some strong opinions about them!