NBA 2K League Week Six Power Rankings: First half concludes
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The first half of the NBA 2K League season concludes this week, and many of the teams still have questions to answer. During this week, fans get to see the top teams in the league battle on the court in pivotal games regarding playoff positioning. Games tip off Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET with Blazer5 Gaming facing Raptors Uprising GC.

Transactions continued this week with Grizz Gaming and Magic Gaming swapping players. Mykel “KelMav” Wilson heads from the Magic to Grizz for Brandon “ToXSik” Raudenbush. With this trade, it marks the fourth in the last two weeks for the NBA 2K League. Both players were selected in the third round of the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft and average between seven and nine points per game.

Both teams are on bye weeks, but another 14 games are scheduled this week on Twitch and YouTube between Wednesday and Friday.

NBA 2K League Power Rankings

It was tough to have a shakeup of the top 10 when three of the top teams were not in action last week. That did not mean teams could not make a statement. The shock of the week may have come from the defensive showcase Warriors Gaming Squad put on versus Magic Gaming, allowing just 28 points.

1. 76ers GC (0-0 Last Week, 3-2 Overall)

No action last week for the reigning top team in the power rankings, and that may be needed as 76ers GC face the toughest schedule of the week. 76ers GC play a doubleheader on Friday with Warriors Gaming Squad and Heat Check Gaming, two playoff-caliber teams.

2. Warriors Gaming Squad (2-0, 5-2)

The winner of The Turn turned heads last week defensively by holding Magic Gaming to 28 points. Warriors Gaming Squad followed that up by handling Lakers Gaming with ease, 60-39. Everything is clicking right now for Warriors Gaming Squad on both ends. The biggest test of the season for the Warriors comes Friday night against Philadelphia. The game of the week between Warriors Gaming Squad and 76ers GC is set to tip at 6 p.m. ET.

3. Mavs Gaming (0-0, 7-0)

The lone unbeaten team in the league is finally sitting alone atop the standings. A bye week last week could prove very beneficial for Mavs Gaming as they face Bucks Gaming on Wednesday. If Mavs Gaming can get past the slumping Bucks, an undefeated week looks good for the Dallas group as it takes on Pistons GT later in the night.

4. Blazer5 Gaming (0-0, 6-1)

Going off overall records, Blazer5 Gaming should have an easy schedule in week 6. Unfortunately for the Portland squad, Raptors Uprising GC have shown signs of success and could prove to be a decent test. Follow that with a desperate Celtics Crossover Gaming crew and you have the makings of a pretty challenging week. This provides a good test for Blazer5 Gaming to prove it is a top team in this league.

5. Pacers Gaming (1-1, 5-1)

Pacers Gaming found themselves on each side of two blowouts last week to go 1-1. The Indiana squad suffered its first loss of the regular season to a hot Kings Guard Gaming team by 20 points. Pacers Gaming bounced back with ease against Heat Check Gaming that same day. Because of the comeback, the loss should not cause any questioning of what Pacers Gaming has accomplished so far. However, it is leaving fans wondering if their team belongs in the top five.

Kings Guard Gaming at NBA 2K League
Kings Guard Gaming meeting before playing in the NBA 2K League. (Image via Kings Guard Gaming)

6. Kings Guard Gaming (2-0, 6-2)

If it were not for the Warriors Gaming Squad’s streak, NBA 2K League viewers would say Kings Guard Gaming is the hottest team right now. With two impressive wins over Pacers Gaming and Bucks Gaming, Kings Guard Gaming have put themselves in playoff position talks, a surprise for many coming into this season.

7. Heat Check Gaming (1-1, 4-3)

First, Heat Check Gaming’s week five started well with a dominating win over a messy Cavs Legion GC team. Two games later, a Miami loss to Pacers Gaming, following a season trend that is not ideal for Heat fans. Heat Check Gaming handle the below-average teams with ease but struggle against playoff-caliber teams. In what is shaping up to be a battle from spots 5-8 for the playoffs, Heat Check need to start earning some quality wins.

8. T-Wolves Gaming (1-1, 3-5)

T-Wolves Gaming looked like they were doing just fine after the midseason trade against Pistons GT, dropping 73 in the win, but struggled to get much going against Grizz Gaming the next day. Whether in esports or traditional sports, adding new team members can cause some issues, and fans should not panic until this group gets more practice time together.

9. Bucks Gaming (0-2, 4-4)

In what could be the equivalent of LeBron James for the Lakers, Bucks Gaming have some liabilities outside of their star player. The Bucks suffered a close loss to Kings Guard Gaming and followed that with a loss to a struggling Wizards District Gaming team by 20. Bucks Gaming have to find answers from their guard play to remain in playoff contention.

10. Magic Gaming (1-1, 3-4)

The hot start to the season for Magic Gaming is cooling off after a 1-1 week. Magic Gaming opened week 5 with a single-digit win over Pistons GT. After the win, the team had zero answers for Warriors Gaming Squad. If the Orlando squad cannot find its touch offensively, the great start to the season may be wiped away and playoff hopes could fade.

The remaining teams rank as follows:

11. Knicks Gaming (0-0, 1-4)
12. Celtics Crossover Gaming (0-0, 1-4)
13. Jazz Gaming (1-1, 4-3)
14. NetsGC (1-0, 3-4)
15. Grizz Gaming (2-0, 3-4)
16. Raptors Uprising GC (0-0, 2-3)
17. Hawks Talon GC (0-1, 3-3)
18. Wizards District Gaming (2-0, 2-4)
19. Cavs Legion GC (0-2, 3-5)
20. Pistons GT (0-2, 1-6)
21. Lakers Gaming (0-2, 1-6)

Stay tuned for more power rankings, and let us know if you have some strong opinions about them!