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Welcome to the Power Rankings for Week Five. We only have one question: What is happening in the NA LCS? The team last in the standings is also only three games back of first place. No one seems to be able to really pull away from the rest of the pack. We also have a few teams who were scratching the bottom of the ladder now climbing their way to the top. In comparison, there are some top teams who have begun falling off.

This may be the most volatile season for the North American region, and it may be because of the meta we’ve been thrown into. Many teams have been able to take advantage of the unorthodox compositions, while others have fallen victim to them. Will somebody be able to make a decisive push for the top in the second half of the season? Or will the standings stay close until the very end?

Let’s look at the NA LCS Power Rankings this week, and see what North America’s teams can do to pick up the slack.

1. Team Liquid (6-4) [↔️]

NA LCS Team Liquid

Doublelift on Kai’sa is a scary sight. He is proving time and time again that he is still the best bottom lane carry in NA. Team Liquid needs to lock down on some of the issues plaguing their team though. Olleh has been pretty inconsistent throughout the split and has been the worst player on the team by far. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of confidence or the change in meta, but he has just has not been good enough.

Impact has also been playing poorly as of late, but his decision making in their Counter Logic Gaming match was much improved. If he can keep up his level of play and return to form, Team Liquid would be the undisputed leaders of the region.

In the meantime, their crown is still being challenged by the rest of the league.

2. Echo Fox (6-4) [↔️]

NA LCS Echo Fox

It seems like Huni has lost a bit of the magic that he found early in the season. He hasn’t been able to play too well in the past couple of weeks, but a bright spot on the Echo Fox roster is Dardoch. We have all known that he was a star jungler, but he has really stepped it up for Echo Fox this split.

I do not like the trajectory of Echo Fox though, as Dardoch can’t do everything for this team. Huni needs to find his footing again. Also, their bottom lane is still a huge liability. Even in their win against the Golden Guardians, the bottom duo went 0-6-11. That is unacceptable from a top-tier team and must be fixed before the next few weeks.

3. 100 Thieves (6-4) [⬆ 1]

NA LCS 100T Ssumday

Ssumday is looking like an early season’s MVP candidate for Summer. They were able to take down Echo Fox in a battle for first place, and he was almost unkillable. The Thieves also were looking pretty good against FlyQuest, until their late game came along, and were taken down in one of the closest base races we’ve seen.

100 Thieves still look like a top North American team in my eyes. The combination of Ssumday’s firepower and Aphromoo’s leadership can push them to a possible Finals appearance. They face off against Clutch Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming next week, two teams on a downward slope. This might be a week where 100 Thieves can take a lead on the rest of the pack in the Power Rankings and in the standings.

4. Golden Guardians (5-5) [⬆ 1]


This meta might have been the blessing that the Golden Guardians need to make it to the Playoffs this year. Early in the season, the team was feeling out the meta. However, at the halfway mark, it looks like they have found their foothold.

Having Deftly pop off on Heimerdinger multiple games in a row might mean it needs to be a ban for whoever faces GGS next. Mickey has also been playing decently as of late. Although he can be streaky with his performances, when he’s on the rise, he is a very good midlaner.

Also, even though they were beaten by a superhuman effort by Dardoch, they still look like one of the stronger teams in the league. We will see if the Golden Guardians can keep their playstyle consistent going into the next half of the season.

5. FlyQuest (6-4) [⬆ 3]

Started from the bottom, now we’re here, huh? FlyQuest actually looks resilient in their play, even when behind. Their communication and teamwork look to have improved tremendously compared to early in the NA LCS season.

They were able to make a great team decision to base race against 100 Thieves this past week and won multiple team fights with some good focus and discipline.

I still need to see another strong week from them to decide whether they are title contenders or pretenders. They have Team Solo Mid and Echo Fox up next week. Therefore, if they pull off a decent week again, then they’ll have truly proven themselves among the best.

6. Counter Logic Gaming (5-5) [⬇ 3]


In our Power Rankings last week, I said that CLG fans had to be very careful putting hope in this team, and for good reason. This week, they were looking like half of the team they were last weekend and did not seem to be on the same page for many plays.

Again, they need to find some kind of consistency with their play. They are a great example of how the NA LCS has been playing as of late. One week some teams look dominant, the next week they look weaker than ever. Next week they face off against 100 Thieves and OpTic, both of whom are looking strong. However, with how the league is looking, every game is still a coin toss.

7. Team Solo Mid (5-5) [↔️]


It’s hard to be happy for TSM when they finally got the Clutch Gaming monkey off their back. They managed to throw a winnable game to the worst team in the league in OpTic Gaming. I think it may be time for TSM fans to switch their hopes from a good Worlds performance to hoping for a Playoff berth.

One thing I can say about TSM though is this: They may have seen a glimpse of what could be if Bjergsen was put on an aggressive champion that is forced to roam and make plays.

There is still a glimmer of hope for this squad. They have so many talented players on their roster with insane skill, they should let them show it off and stay aggressive!

8. Clutch Gaming (4-6) [⬇ 2]

CG Fan

Last week, I would state that Clutch Gaming were the gatekeepers of the NA LCS. This week, I think they’ve left the gate wide open. Losses against a weak Team Solo Mid and a rising FlyQuest show that this team may not be the bar we want to set for North America and our Power Rankings.

This team is still way too dependent on Febiven to make plays. He cannot provide everything for the team. The rest of the lineup needs to step up in a big way, or Clutch will continue sliding in the standings. This slumping squad is going up against 100 Thieves and Team Liquid next week and with the way things are looking, it may be another 0-2 week for them.

However, it’s the NA LCS, and upsets are the norm around these parts.

9. Cloud9 (3-7) [↔️]

NA LCS C9 Jensen

Although they were looking a bit shaky against FlyQuest, Cloud9 was able to take down the reigning North American champions in Team Liquid. Also, consider that FlyQuest seems to be on a high note as of late.

Cloud9 is looking like they’ve found their squad, but big props go out to Licorice. He was on fire in the Team Liquid game and was a big part of why they took home the W. Blaber also didn’t look half bad either. What is with Cloud9 and really good rookies?

I do think that Cloud9 should have taken two wins this week, but next week they are looking at Team Solo Mid and Echo Fox. TSM and Echo Fox both have seemed a bit weaker lately, and if they can get another win or two this week, they will push themselves up the Power Rankings. Even the NA LCS playoffs may not be too farfetched.

10. OpTic Gaming (4-6) [↔️]


The worst team in the NA LCS just picked up a 2-0 weekend, and I don’t know what to think anymore. This season is so confusing to me. If the team at the bottom of the standings is also right behind the best in the league, what does that mean for the rest of the region?

Anyway, things to say about OpTic: They were really decisive with their calls this weekend and were showing confidence that they hadn’t shown for the whole split. They need to remain bold with their plays, and trust in themselves. There was a moment in their TSM match where the team managed to get Baron. A team fight ensues, and Akaadian calls for the team to retreat. However, Arrow pushes them forward, screaming, “Trust in yourselves!” Consequently, they would win that team fight and later on the game. That is the kind of mindset they need to adopt if they are to succeed in the later stages of the split.

However, the Green Wall needs to show me more, until I move them up the Power Rankings.

What do you think of our NA LCS Power Rankings for Week Five? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you missed our Week Four Power Rankings, check them out here!