NA LCS Power Rankings - Week One
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The League of Legends competitive scene has changed dramatically since last season. The teams look the same, but Patch 8.11 should throw a wrench into whatever plans each team has for this split. There were many 1-1 finishes after the weekend, but a lot was shown in those two games for all the teams involved. Let’s check out the week one NA LCS Power Rankings.

1. Echo Fox (2-0)

This might be the Season of the Fox if the current meta has anything to say about it. The wild and unpredictable picks that have many teams back on their heels have made Echo Fox look like a possible Finals contender this coming September.

Possibly no other player is more in his element than Echo Fox’s superstar top laner Huni. Going completely against the mold, Huni has shown a willingness to swap roles with his teammates twice. The top lane main has already made appearances in the bot lane as well as in the jungle.

What could be next? Pyke support? Irelia mid lane? Huni’s flexibility as a player and his champion diversity is on full display here, and he is having fun while doing it.

2. Team Solo Mid (2-0)

There’s the TSM we remember. Their first game against CLG had a pretty slow start, with the team feeling out the stage with their new jungler, Jonathan “Grig” Armao. Even though their early game was not the best, the team found their footing in the mid game and were able to close it out. The second game against FlyQuest was pretty lopsided, with TSM stomping the opposition in a quick 24 minutes.

The team played well, even though they were facing some of the teams lower in the standings last season. Grig was pretty average throughout the two games, but maybe that is what TSM needs: a non-carry jungler who can support the other big names on the roster.

3. Counter Logic Gaming (1-1)

It is hard to put a lot of trust in Counter Logic Gaming right now. They are still exhibiting some of the habits that put them in a hole last season. They would have a great early game that would then be followed by a horrible mid-to-late game because of their poor communication.

The game against TSM was a great example of these same old issues, where they weren’t able to capitalize on their early game built composition and were eventually outscaled. On the other hand, the 100T game was an example of CLG having a great early game, staying calm, and then playing out a great mid-game to the finish.

If CLG can stay consistent with their mid-game shotcalling, they could push for a good playoff run this year.

4. Clutch Gaming (1-1)

This meta is one that may crush unsuspecting teams under its foot. Will Clutch Gaming be one of those teams? Maybe. Clutch loves to play for the late game. However, with such a quick paced early game, even reaching the late game seems to be a mission in and of itself.

Febiven and LirA will need to help steer this team through many difficult situations. With a clean win against the husk of Cloud9 and a controversial loss to the strongest looking team in Echo Fox, Clutch will need to prove again that they are worthy of a top three position.

5. Cloud9 (1-1)

Many C9 fans are woefully wondering, “When will this C9 Academy experiment end?” Goldenglue, Keith, and Zeyzal are in a tough position where fans of the team are practically hoping for them to fail, just so they can get their favorite players back.

Just remember that Sneaky, Smoothie, and Jensen were all benched for a reason. I do think that the roster will go back to normal soon, and C9 will rise back up the NA LCS Power Rankings. However, I’d like for the C9A team to get a fair shot to prove themselves and to show the world that they are not just the replacements.

6. Golden Guardians (1-1)

The Golden Guardians have already gotten their first win of the split, a feat that took them four weeks to accomplish last season.

Their first game was a pretty uneventful loss to OpTic Gaming, which was 40 minutes of OpTic slowly pushing their advantage to the end. However, their systematic win over Team Liquid took many by surprise. Granted, Team Liquid had Doublelift on Vladimir, but a win against the best team in North America last season is not something to laugh at.

7. Team Liquid (1-1)

Maybe we should keep North American botlane carries off of Vladimir for now. Team Liquid looked pretty dominant in their first win against 100 Thieves. However, they seemed to underestimate Golden Guardians and were subsequently handed a loss for it.

Team Liquid has all the talent in the world to be one of the best teams in North America. They need to stay hungry and focused to stick at the top. Complacency is their biggest enemy.

While they appear on the lower end of the rankings for now, I do not doubt the team’s ability to climb and situate themselves at the top side of our NA LCS Power Rankings by the end of the season.

8. OpTic Gaming (1-1)

OpTic still has a lot of work ahead of them. Their first week of games was not the best, but they were still able to secure a win against the GGS.

OpTic are still trying to find their footing in the league. That may be easier said than done, especially in this new meta. Dhokla’s debut week was pretty uneventful, with him putting up some pretty lackluster numbers, even in their victory. What OpTic needs is time to grow, especially with their new top laner and support.

9. 100 Thieves (0-2)

100 Thieves might be having some early split jitters, not unlike last season. Are they having trouble adjusting to the meta? Are they having issues with complacency like Team Liquid?

100T looked so sluggish coming into this past weekend and were run over by CLG and TL as a result. Whatever the problems are, they need to solve them fast. They do have the reigning-MVP, Aphromoo, who has proven time and time again that he can lead a team out of a slump.

Also, I have to say it again: keep North American bot lane carries off Vladimir.

10. FlyQuest (0-2)

FlyQuest comes in with low expectations. They just got a new jungler in Santorin, a new support in Kwon and a new head coach. It will take time for this team to learn how to synergize together and to get the ball rolling for Summer. However, the season is not going to wait for everyone. If FlyQuest wants to make a miracle run to Worlds like WildTurtle says, they’ll have to work hard or they will be left in the dust come September.

What do you think of our week one NA LCS Power Rankings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! To go over our Pre-Season Power Rankings post, check it out here.