VALORANT's NA Last Chance Qualifier continues on Oct. 27
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The VALORANT Championship Tour’s NA Last Chance Qualifier will resume on Oct. 27 according to an announcement on Tuesday from Riot Games. The tournament will pick up where the it left off on the second day of matches.

Due to conflicting COVID-19 tests from multiple players at the LAN tournament, NA’s Last Chance Qualifier was initially postponed until further notice. The event will now run until Oct. 31 with the grand final. The first day of matches for the Last Chance Qualifier will also carry over, with Gen.G Esports, Luminosity and XSET all in the lower bracket. Additionally, 100 Thieves will still hold their place in the upper bracket final and await a challenger from among the remaining four teams.

Last Chance Qualifier schedule

NA Last Chance Qualifier day one has already been completed, meaning the results will stand. 100 Thieves defeated Gen.G Esports in the opening match, followed by XSET defeating Luminosity and finally 100 Thieves defeating XSET in the last match.

When the tournament comes back on Oct. 27, the matches will resume from day two, with FaZe Clan playing Rise and Version1 playing Cloud9 Blue. The matches for that day will conclude when the winners from each match advance. Day three will see the lower bracket matches played out between Gen.G Esports and Luminosity and then whoever loses the fourth and fifth match.

NA LCQ – Day 2: Wednesday, October 27

Round 1

[12:00 PM PT] Match 4: FaZe Clan (#3 seed) vs. Rise (#6 seed)

[3:00 PM PT] Match 5: Version1 (#2 seed) vs. Cloud9 Blue (#7 seed)

Round 2

[6:00 PM PT] Match 6: Match 4 winner vs. Match 5 winner

NA LCQ – Day 3: Thursday, October 28

Round 2

[12:00 PM PT] Match 7: Gen.G Esports vs. Luminosity Gaming

[3:00 PM PT] Match 8: Match 4 Loser vs. Match 5 Loser

NA LCQ – Day 4: Friday, October 29

Round 3

[12:00 PM PT] Match 9: Match 6 Loser vs. Match 7 Winner

[3:00 PM PT] Match 10: XSET vs. Match 8 Winner

Upper bracket finals

[6:00 PM PT] Match 11: 100 Thieves vs. Match 6 Winner

NA LCQ – Day 5: Saturday, October 30

Lower bracket semifinals

[12:00 PM PT] Match 12: Match 9 Winner vs Match 10 Winner

Lower bracket finals

[3:00 PM PT] Match 13: Match 12 Winner vs Match 11 Loser

NA LCQ – Day 6: Sunday, October 31

Grand final — best-of-5

[12:00 PM PT] Match 14: Match 11 Winner vs. Match 13 Winner

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