Mythic League announces new FaceIt series
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Mythic Reborn introduced its new Mythic League Subscriber Cup Series. Exclusively for Mythic League subscribers, the cup is an opportunity for players to compete in weekly 5v5 CSGO tournaments. Starting this week, their league will host competitions every Saturday at 5 PM EST.

The Subscriber Cup Series is open to Mythic League subscribers within FaceIt levels 1-10. With the exception of February 22, which is for levels 1-6 only.

Besides getting the chance to play some fun CSGO, there’s a $1,250 prize pool for this month’s series. Each member of the victorious team also takes home that week’s weapon skin. Some of the upcoming prizes include:

What is Mythic League?

Spearheaded by Erik “fl0m” Flom of Mythic Reborn and Team Liquid CSGO coach Eric “adreN” Hoag, Mythic League is a partnered FaceIt hub. FaceIt is one of the most popular platforms for players looking for competitive CSGO pick-up-games.

To participate, a FaceIt account is required, but a premium subscription isn’t necessary. However, Mythic League is a paid division, meaning all participants must subscribe to the league to access the hub.

Once you’ve subscribed you’ll have access to:

  • Subscriber Cup Series
  • 5v5 matchmaking versus other subscribers
  • 128 tick servers
  • Mandatory anti-cheat
  • 24/7 admin support
  • Access to $4,500 prize pool and bi-monthly leaderboards
  • Mandatory Discord with private voice channels
  • Chicago, Dallas, and Denver servers

Where to sign up

If you’re new to FaceIt, sign up for a free account by visiting their website and registering under CSGO. You’re able to download their mandatory anti-cheat here. Once you’ve created your account, subscribe to Mythic League by visiting their FaceIt hub.

To sign up for the new Subscriber Cup Series, register your five-person team, party (any number of players), or as a solo competitor at the tournament registration page. For more information and updates regarding their new tournament series and other league competitions, follow them on Twitter.

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