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Warner Bros. is bringing the holiday spirit with the latest update to its crossover platform fighting game from Player First Games, MultiVersus. During this ongoing winter-themed event, FestiVersus, players can obtain a number of new in-game collectibles.

From new character Variants to Christmassy Profile Icons, there’s a good deal of new content players can look forward to over the next month. Here’s everything MultiVersus fans need to know about the FestiVersus event.

FestiVersus start date and cosmetics

FestiVersus kicked off on December 14 and will continue until January 17, 2023. To celebrate the event, a number of thematic character costumes were added into the game. These include Holiday Reindog and Ugly Sweater Superman, which are exclusively available through in-game missions.

Meanwhile, players can obtain a number of new skins by spending Gleamium. The following Variants all cost 800 Gleamium:

  • Ugly Sweater Arya
  • Ugly Sweater Batman
  • Ugly Sweater Finn
  • Ugly Sweater Jake
  • Ugly Sweater Velma

Players can also get the Merry Mogwai Gizmo Variant for a more sizable 1,500 Gleamium. Finally, while technically unrelated to the theme of the event, the MultiVersus developers also added Black Adam’s The Man In Black Variant, which is based on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s appearance in the recent “Black Adam” movie. To get The Man In Black, players will have to part with 2,000 Gleamium.

Login rewards calendar

FestiVersus login rewards calendar
Players will unlock something new every single day they play during this event. | Provided by Warner Bros. Games

A new addition to the FestiVersus event is a login rewards calendar. For each of the 36 days of the event, players can get a new reward simply by logging into the game. The majority of these are Holiday Cookies, which are a recently-introduced event-exclusive currency.

Here are the rewards players can look forward to for each day:

  1. Holiday Cookie Badge
  2. 150 Holiday Cookies
  3. 150 Holiday Cookies
  4. Large Battle Pass Boost
  5. 150 Holiday Cookies
  6. 150 Holiday Cookies
  7. 300 Holiday Cookies
  8. 150 Holiday Cookies
  9. 150 Holiday Cookies
  10. 150 Holiday Cookies
  11. Large Battle Pass Boost
  12. Profile Icon (toast and jam)
  13. 150 Holiday Cookies
  14. 300 Holiday Cookies
  15. 200 Holiday Cookies
  16. 200 Holiday Cookies
  17. 200 Holiday Cookies
  18. Holiday Reindog Variant
  19. 200 Holiday Cookies
  20. 200 Holiday Cookies
  21. 400 Holiday Cookies
  22. 200 Holiday Cookies
  23. 200 Holiday Cookies
  24. 200 Holiday Cookies
  25. Large Battle Pass Boost
  26. 200 Holiday Cookies
  27. 200 Holiday Cookies
  28. 400 Holiday Cookies
  29. 250 Holiday Cookies
  30. 250 Holiday Cookies
  31. 250 Holiday Cookies
  32. Large Battle Pass Boost
  33. 250 Holiday Cookies
  34. 250 Holiday Cookies
  35. 250 Holiday Cookies
  36. 250 Holiday Cookies

FestiVersus Holiday Cookie Shop

MultiVersus Holiday Cookie Shop
While most new rewards can be purchased with Gleamium, a select few can only be bought with Holiday Cookies. | Provided by Warner Bros. Games

Like the Monster Mash Halloween event, during which players could earn Candy Corn to spend in a limited-time shop, FestiVersus introduced the Holiday Cookie Shop where players can spend their Holiday Cookies. Here are all of the available rewards in this shop and the amount of Holiday Cookies they cost:

  • Gingerbread Toast Profile Icon – 500
  • Let It Snow Sticker – 600
  • Snowman Sledding Ringout – 5,000
  • Ugly Sweater Superman – 12,000

Through the login rewards calendar, MultiVersus players can get well over 6,000 Holiday Cookies just by logging in every day. However, players can earn additional Holiday Cookies by playing matches. The amount of cookies they will earn after each match depends on whether they won or lost, what mode they were playing, and whether they used a holiday Variant (including The Man In The Black).

Here’s a rundown of how many Holiday Cookies players can expect to earn after any given match:

  • Singles, Doubles or Silly Queue loss – 10
  • Singles, Doubles or Silly Queue win – 20
  • Singles, Doubles or Silly Queue loss where at least one team member used a holiday Variant – 20
  • Free-for-all loss – 20
  • Singles, Doubles or Silly Queue win where at least one team member used a holiday Variant – 40
  • Free-for-all win – 40
  • Free-for-all loss while using a holiday Variant – 40
  • Free-for-all win while using a holiday Variant – 80

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight in MultiVersus
Snowball Fight is the latest mode to join MultiVersus’ more casual Silly Queue. | Screengrab provided by YouTube via Player First Games

Finally, the FestiVersus event introduced a new game mode into the Silly Queue known as Snowball Fight. The core gameplay is similar to that of a Doubles match, except with the addition of snowball items that spawn throughout the stage.

Getting hit by a snowball applies the Snowman debuff. After incurring four stacks of the Snowman debuff, the player will be Frozen, allowing opponents to get a free hit while they are trapped in a block of ice.

During a Snowball Fight, there will also be Ice Storms periodically during the match. These Ice Storms summon giant flaming balls of ice that fall from the sky. Making contact with one of these will instantly cause the player to be Frozen.

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