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Earlier today, Magic: The Gathering news source Hipsters of the Coast caught wind of an unfortunate news story from the Sante Fe New Mexican. In the article, it is revealed that Twitch streamer and former MTG pro Conley Woods has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. If you want deep details about the assault, the linked articles provide graphic details.

The arrest

Police were called early Sunday morning to hear a woman screaming for help on the other end of the line. Before hanging up, she could be heard telling her attacker that she would hang up the phone if presumably Woods backed away. Upon police arrival, they found the woman defending herself with a couple of knives while hyperventilating. Woods was found standing in a hallway with blood smears on his shirt and a fresh cut on his finger.

Woods claims he and the woman were longtime friends that had grown up together. He insisted that they were merely engaged in sexual role-playing and that he “had no idea what was going on.”

Conley Woods, MTG, Twitch, Sexual Assault

Conley Woods was a professional Magic player for several years. Among his awards were several top 8 finishes and a Grand Prix win. He’s contributed to the community by writing for sites such as ChannelFireball and Daily MTG. In recent times, Woods has had a budding Twitch stream where he showcased off-the-wall, janky decks.  Many players looked up to him as a deck brewer and player, subscribing to his Twitch channel. If he is found guilty, his actions are a betrayal to the community that gave him a home and a slight to his followers that gave their money to support his stream.


Conley Woods was released Tuesday evening following his arrest on Sunday. His full charges are suspicion of criminal sexual penetration, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and false imprisonment.